Kyoto International Manga Museum

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Kyoto International Manga Museum4.0

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This museum has a collection of around 300,000 manga or Japanese comic books, 50,000 of which are open for free reading and viewing. Most of the comic books and displays are in Japanese, but the collection of oversees and translated works are gradually expanding.

The museum, opened in 2006 at a former primary school, has three floors and basement with walls containing an assortment of historical and modern manga series. There are workshops and events on drawing and comic books. A 5-minute walk from Karasuma-Oike station of the subway line.

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3.0a week ago

Not sure what I was expecting but I wasn't overwhelmed by this museum. It has a massive library of Japanese manga which you can sit and read, and plenty of people were. However, as I do not speak or read Japanese this was not accessible. The exhibitions had English explanations and the current special exhibition was interesting but other permanent displays looked a little tired. I would only recommend this museum to aficionados of the genre.

5.0in the last week

The place to be for all the Manga fans. You can buy Manga merchandise and sit in silence along with others and read any Manga from the shelf. They have a selection of Manga in various languages. You can also book an appointment with an artist, who will draw you and your loved ones, as a Manga character.

5.02 weeks ago

Every magna complete series is there for you to read. Just no pictures and can't rent or buy anything. From books back in the 1960's till today. All in good condition.

5.0in the last week

Absolutely fantastic place to visit and read manga at. They have a beautiful courtyard that you can lounge in and enjoy the latest manga that are translated to many different languages of the world. They also have a gift shop with rare memorabilia. I would definitely recommend a stop here if you love manga and are in the area.

5.0a month ago

I'm not a big manga fan and I didn't expect to like it. I was only visiting because my friend wanted to see it. Still, it wasn't bad, and I managed to lose a few hours here. There is a small foreign language section, but the vast majority is Japanese.

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