Kyoto International Manga Museum

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Kyoto International Manga Museum4.0

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This museum has a collection of around 300,000 manga or Japanese comic books, 50,000 of which are open for free reading and viewing. Most of the comic books and displays are in Japanese, but the collection of oversees and translated works are gradually expanding.

The museum, opened in 2006 at a former primary school, has three floors and basement with walls containing an assortment of historical and modern manga series. There are workshops and events on drawing and comic books. A 5-minute walk from Karasuma-Oike station of the subway line.

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4.09 months ago

very less international comic, need to upgrade the collection

3.06 months ago

It's really more a library so if you do visit the best enjoyment to be gotten from it is to sit down and read stuff.

The exhibit is ok but you'll be done with it in 15mn

3.010 months ago

Nice museum, I enjoyed the elementary school side of it more than the manga side. A good selection of English manga to sit and read if you need a rest.

5.02 months ago

This place is a national treasure. Give yourself at LEAST two hours to peruse the while facility because there is a lot to see. 😍 If you go on the weekend, you can get a manga "caricature" done of you by a professional. Talk about once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The outside grounds are also lovely and they allow and encourage you to read any manga from their collection wherever your heart desires. I gotta come back here again!

4.05 months ago

Very neat place. Worth a visit, lots of good history and English explanations. Cheap to get in too! Majority of the books are in Japanese but they do have a small foreign language section on the first floor. I wish the gift shop had a little more brand related merchandise...but it wasn't horrible.

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