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Kyoto International Manga Museum4.0

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This museum has a collection of around 300,000 manga or Japanese comic books, 50,000 of which are open for free reading and viewing. Most of the comic books and displays are in Japanese, but the collection of oversees and translated works are gradually expanding.

The museum, opened in 2006 at a former primary school, has three floors and basement with walls containing an assortment of historical and modern manga series. There are workshops and events on drawing and comic books. A 5-minute walk from Karasuma-Oike station of the subway line.

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5.03 weeks ago

What an amazing place! It's the biggest Manga collection I've ever seen! They also have Manga translated into many different languages, although I did not see any in English. You can sit down and read them too! There were a lot of people of all ages, sitting quietly and reading. My favourite section was the history of Manga, which went as far back as the 1940s and you can read them too! If you love Manga and comics alike, definitely check this place out.

3.0in the last week

I think it’s a wonderful place for Japanese speakers. You have almost every manga ever issued, and plenty of space to seat and read.

As I’m not a Japanese speaker, the museum part is interesting, however the English written is sometimes not quite accurate, and it makes it hard to understand. The « foreign library » part is so close to the entrance that it’s not really a place you wish to stay.

I’d still put 3 stars because of the atmosphere and the staff, who are amazing people.

5.03 weeks ago

I don’t have anything with manga to be honest. But going to the museum was definitely a great experience!

The information itself is ok but not so abundant; what made it special was all the people sitting/lying around - young and old - reading. Created a very relaxed vibe, great to be a part of that.

During the day there are many exhibitions and workshops, so don’t come an hour before closing time (like I did).

5.02 weeks ago

Lovely museum, tonnes of Manga to freely browse (even some in English, French, Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese).

A few lovely displays on the history and making of Manga, definitely worth a look, but it did feel like more of a Manga library than a museum.

5.03 weeks ago

Really unique place that goes over the history of Manga. There's books in a lot of different languages so there's something for everyone. There's an outside reading playground that is suprisingly busy a lot.

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