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Fuji Safari Park located in Susono city at the base of Mount Fuji is the largest safari park in Japan. You can see Sub-Saharan African animals, such as lions, giraffes and rhinos, from the comfort of your car or from a jungle bus which has netting over the windows so you can feed the animals. The view of Mount Fuji offers a great background to the vast grounds.

The safari area is divided into seven zones - bears, lions, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, grazing animals, and mountain animals. You will see a lot of signs around warning "DANGER" or "Never get out of your car." There is also a petting zoo area, where you can walk and feed directly to animals, such as kangaroos and deer.

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5.0a month ago

This place was amazing! I felt like I was in Jurassic Park (minus the dinosaurs). Lions, tigers, and bears, and much more. The pricing was reasonable and they offer a gift shop. There are many options for how you choose to ride through the zoo. 1.You can utilize your own vehicle, which in our company was more than feasible. 2.You can purchase one of their SUVs to ride through the attractive. The added bonus here is that you get to travel on a couple of extra paths that can give you a different perspective. This would be useful if you took a trip through the park multiple times (which you're allowed to do at no extra charge). 3. Finally you can pay to ride one of the buses they provide and be a part of a larger group. One type of bus has more of an open feeling than the others, though I'm not sure how to know when each is getting chosen. A word of warning though: during the trip you cannot roll down your windows or open your doors for hazard of animal attack. This can be an off-site if you have no air conditioning on a hot day. We only ran into one delay during our trip, and it lasted about a minute. It was due to the cheetahs being too close to the opening to open the gate. Overall this was a great experience. The animals were active, and my wife and daughter loved it.

4.0in the last week

Fuji safari park is a moderate sized safari park where you can go inside with your own vehicle, nonetheless, don't get your hopes up expecting to interact closely with the animals as most of them are closed behind their own fences and the milder ones will hardly be interested in you. Not to mention that you aren't allowed to open your windows. Nonetheless, it's a very nice place to interact with animals as they also have a place accesible by foot where you can touch the kangaroos and capybaras (almost like a petting zoo).

4.02 months ago

We really enjoyed the Fuji Safari park. Getting to see the animals up close from our own car was a new and fun experience.
The animals looked healthy and happy for the most part except for the elephants whose enclosure is way to small.
Be sure to check out Rabbit's House. For an extra 500¥ you can hold and play with the bunnies.

5.0a month ago

Awesome dog, cat and rabbit houses. Especially loved to drive through a cage of cheetahs... Coolest and closest I've ever been to a carnivorous animal in my life!!!

5.0a month ago

This is one of the best zoo safari i ever had.. my first time having chance to feed bear and lion ! Awesome experience found anywhere yet.

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