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Sightseeing information about Fuji Safari Park in Japan.

Fuji Safari Park4.3

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Fuji Safari Park located in Susono city at the base of Mount Fuji is the largest safari park in Japan. You can see Sub-Saharan African animals, such as lions, giraffes and rhinos, from the comfort of your car or from a jungle bus which has netting over the windows so you can feed the animals. The view of Mount Fuji offers a great background to the vast grounds.

The safari area is divided into seven zones - bears, lions, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, grazing animals, and mountain animals. You will see a lot of signs around warning "DANGER" or "Never get out of your car." There is also a petting zoo area, where you can walk and feed directly to animals, such as kangaroos and deer.

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5.0a month ago

Great place for friends and family to experience this drive through whether in a car or on a bus. There are many many animals featured and there are many of them of each type as well. Enjoyed this park and the safety they employ. The animals were also not sleeping or just slouching like on other such similar parks I have been too. Must visit.

5.03 months ago

We found this while camping at the base of Fuji and it is worth the money to get in it. For four people it was roughly $100. You got to see all of the animals up close and personal. There was also a petting zoo were you were allowed to tough and fed exotic animals and hold a lion cub!

4.0a month ago

great overall experience. it is out of the way from Tokyo so plan a whole day for it. great for the kids.

5.02 months ago

The drive safari is excellent. The zoo part doesn't have lots of animals but those that are there are perfectly done for kids with lots of petting and feeding options. Recomended especially on weekdays when it's not crowded.

5.04 months ago

It is very fun. All the animals are well groomed and there are a lot of variety of safari animals. Also if you want to see animal you have not seen before then you will love this place. There are also good food and a lot of souviners to be bought. So I recommend going to this place and have fun with you family.

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