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Fuji Safari Park4.3

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Fuji Safari Park located in Susono city at the base of Mount Fuji is the largest safari park in Japan. You can see Sub-Saharan African animals, such as lions, giraffes and rhinos, from the comfort of your car or from a jungle bus which has netting over the windows so you can feed the animals. The view of Mount Fuji offers a great background to the vast grounds.

The safari area is divided into seven zones - bears, lions, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, grazing animals, and mountain animals. You will see a lot of signs around warning "DANGER" or "Never get out of your car." There is also a petting zoo area, where you can walk and feed directly to animals, such as kangaroos and deer.

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5.02 months ago

Well organized, well maintained Safari ever in Japan. Ample space parking. Online ticket is cheaper and interesting as I found at the entrance one asked to open the online browser of the ticket and he literally hold a stamp and touched on my phone the print was on my phone screen (e-stamp lol 🤣).....but the screen shots or picture copy of the online bought ticket is not applicable MAKE SURE you have internet while entering.
It was so nice to see the animals so close to you and your car. Kids loved it . It really excited them.
One spot where kids can feed small animals was the best.
Recommend to visit once in a lifetime.

4.0a month ago

We drove through the safari area in our car. Enjoyed spotting the animals in the different habitats, and their buses looked like a fun way to experience it (sold out during our visit). Some of the big cat areas seemed rather small and limited (specifically the cheetah areas), but in general the conditions looked decent if you're sensitive to that sort of thing. The kangaroo area had an interaction area that looked really fun and we hope to take part next time. It was a quick visit, but I think we will be back when we have more time!

4.0a month ago

Welcome to Fuji Safari Park, very welcoming place.
As the time I went there, I paid 2,700 yen but with a membership card, I finally paid 2,150 yen.

It’s a very big place

You can choose to ride with the safari buses or with your personal car.

If you are driving through with your car, please make sure the car doors are locked and the window shields are always up.

Never horn when driving through the park.
You can drive slowly or stop for sometime to take some pictures whilst in your car.

NB: Please never get out of your car when driving or stoping to look or take snapshots of the animals.

It’s fun 🤩 🤩 🤩

4.02 months ago

Recommended destination for spending a safe and quality day out with the family during this pandemic. You can stay inside the car for the whole tour inside safari park (about 50 minutes) and enjoy the cuteness of animals without lining up or being in a crowd as zoo. Even though this safari is not too wild and may not really matched to those who loves “adrenaline shocking” :D

5.02 months ago

A must go, especially with kids. They loved it. Although the management has curtailed certain activities in the Pet area, like touching and feeding the animals. But overall a great experience. You can remain in your car in the safari area where animals come near or in front of your car. The lions were more show-offs and we loved seeing them from near quarters. Hair-raising experience.

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