Fuji Kachoen Garden Park

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Fuji Kachoen Garden Park (Fuji Kacho-en)3.5

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An all-weather theme park in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where you can play with birds among flowers. Even on rainy days, you can meet owls and other birds without umbrellas in its large greenhouse with flowers such as begonias, fuchsias and hydrangeas in full bloom. In the park, you can enjoy seeing rare owls from around the world up close, watching bird shows in the green house along with birds of pray shows which are held in the outdoor show venue, against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji. With additional charges, you can also try taking photos with an owl on your arm or feeding birds and animals including owls, emus, penguins, flamingos, rabbits, guinea pigs, sturgeons and koi carp fish. A cafeteria is provided in the greenhouse and you can enjoy your meal under flowers. Accessible by wheelchair and baby strollers (20 units of wheelchairs and 3 strollers are available at no charge).
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5.05 months ago

Everybody should visit here at least once! Incredible amount and variety of flowers. So many owls (and other birds as well). Very fun feeding the birds that climb on your shoulders. Educational and extremely fun bird shows by friendly, professional, and funny employees.

5.03 months ago

Everything about this place is was so beautiful. There were tons of different birds to see, and lots of different ways to interact with them and get close to them. A few of the parrots like to say こんにちは! as you walk by. You can feed them and sometimes pay to touch them or let them sit on your shoulders. I especially liked the greenhouse and all of the beautiful blooming flowers hanging from the ceiling and stacked up the walls.
Also the employees were all really nice and helpful. 10/5. I can't wait to come back with my friends sometime. :)

1.0a month ago

So the gift shop when you enter is nice. What broke my heart was seeing the parrots in such tiny cages with only one perch and no foraging toys or toys at all for that matter. Even the parrots that were in large cages had only one perch and nothing else to stimulate them. They looked very lonely. Some of the large parrots were in cages so small that there is no way that they could fully expand their wings, had no room to climb, and were practically stuck sitting in one spot on the one perch that was provided. The show was entertaining and the big walk in aviaries where you walk in and the birds fly on you and get treats was great, but I felt like the only birds somewhat happy there were the ones in the huge aviaries, because they had room to fly around, had more than one perch, interaction from strangers, got fed treats, and other birds to interact with. I would have given 0 stars if it wasn’t for the beautiful flowers, and the “okay” bird show. A lot of the parrots feathers were so frayed from being stuck in a cage too small for them. I am a huge bird lover and I could tell a lot of those birds were being deprived of the love and attention that they need. Why stick such a beautiful large parrot in a tiny cage with one perch?! They have the space…. Why not build a huge indoor aviary for the larger parrots?! No parrot should be stuck in a tiny square cage unless it is for travel or for sleep. Parrots are highly intelligent animals that can live to be 80 years old. They need to do better to make sure those beautiful creatures have an amazing life. I have a conure that has a larger cage than the African greys they had there. My conure has more perches than I can count on the inside and outside of the cage plus tons of toys. I wanted to cry when I saw how small of a cage those large parrots were kept in.

5.04 months ago

Great experience! Safe place to visit. They really preserved the animals!

5.0a year ago

Absolutely wonderful experience! Truly a hidden gem around Mt Fuji. I would recommend to any avid or casual bird watcher or flower lover!

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