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An amusement park by the Lake Hamana-ko in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It features a variety of thrill rides including the Mega Coaster "Yojigen (Four Dimensions)" with both a heartline roll where coasters rotate around 360 degrees and a twist dive course. The large Ferris Wheel "Koku (Lake and Sky)" and the water coaster "Don Burako" are also popular and there are many rides that younger kids can enjoy. Motorboats are available all year round, and the leisure pool "Pal Pool" is also open in summer.
https://pal2.co.jp/ (Japanese)
Guide map https://pal2.co.jp/pdf/guide.pdf?20210118 (Japanese)
Pal Pool https://pal2.co.jp/pool/ (Japanese)

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4.011 months ago

Very good Park on a nice location, by lake hamana. Several rides, Small And bigger ones, great for kids below 15, I would say.

4.05 months ago

Great amusement park for kids to enjoy the day. The daily pass was a great deal and the season pass is worth it if you go at least 3 times a year. Can bring in your own food and beverage which is always nice. Not a popular as larger amusement parks so the wait for rides are no that long.

5.0a month ago

Very convenient amusement park, it is located beside a hotel so you can just walk, a variety of entertainment from outdoor rides to indoor games.

4.0a year ago

Very fun for my 5-year old daughter. Lots of fun attractions and the lines were not long.

4.0a year ago

Awesome Unagi buffet. Fun theme park for kids. It's a little dated but the prices make up for it. You can find great hotel/theme park packages throughout the year. Highly recommended.

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