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A nostalgic amusement park located in Ena-kyo Gorge, a scenic area along the lake in Gifu Prefecture. There are plenty of attractions that even younger children can enjoy, including the large Ferris wheel overlooking the gorge and the Sky Dragon running on a rail through the park. You can also enjoy barbecue or cooking curry and rice at the barbecue site (reservation required). An outdoor swimming pool with play equipments is also open in summer.
Open: mid March through November (swimming pool: mid July to early September)
http://www.enakyo-wonderland.jp/ (Japanese)

Purposeexperience,kids,family,let's hang out!
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5.04 months ago

I came to the pool with my child thinking that I couldn't go anywhere during the summer vacation. I enjoyed playing more than I expected. I am worried that there are few sliders and the price is unexpectedly high, but I was glad that I enjoyed it in the vicinity. Isn't it suitable for children up to the middle grades of elementary school?

4.02 months ago

On the last friday of october
I took a 5-year-old child

Is there a corona? It was very unlimited, even if it was rattling. I felt that the person in charge was walking with me (laughs)

This is the first pack for children to make their amusement park debut, and we have made a comic plan where you can get animal food, drinks, certificates and small gifts (5 years old rides 5 types by one person ... the cover is NG).

There were some rides that parents were a little nervous about riding alone, but I could feel the growth of my child.

As far as I can see, I could ride one 120 cm and the other 110 cm. I could ride a small coaster and a large coaster
The haunted house seemed quite dark and came out crying

The Fureai Square with animals is far away and the slopes are harsh, so what about weekdays? It seems that there are people in charge only during the event time, so be careful if you want to interact with animals or have a ticket

There are few shops where you can eat rice
Vending machines are cold drinks only (I wanted to drink hot coffee)

By the way, petit gifts are not good enough ...
Plus, Umaibo may make children happy

It's a little disappointing that it's not a free pass period. When my child's ticket runs out, I could use my parent's ticket for my child

It may get cold suddenly after noon

3.03 months ago

・ The limit is the lower grades of elementary school students. For that reason, many vehicles require a height of at least 110 cm.
・ Most of the vending machines are sold out. Almost none in the evening.
・ There are not many people even during consecutive holidays.
・ Mostly family. The couple is extremely rare.
・ There is almost no place to eat. 2 places?
There is a free rest area (equipped with air conditioning), so there were quite a few people who brought it in and ate it.
・ It's good because I went there when I had a one-day passport, but I wouldn't go otherwise.
・ Corona measures: Alcohol disinfection at each attraction. Ride at intervals. Many even during hibernation.

5.03 months ago

When I tried to eat lightly around 16:30, it was almost sold out! I talked to the staff, thinking that it was good that they were sold out because I couldn't do much sales in Corona. Finally, I rushed in and got on the roller coaster! Thank you very much!

4.0a month ago

I was lucky to be able to use it on a good day.

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