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A nostalgic amusement park located in Ena-kyo Gorge, a scenic area along the lake in Gifu Prefecture. There are plenty of attractions that even younger children can enjoy, including the large Ferris wheel overlooking the gorge and the Sky Dragon running on a rail through the park. You can also enjoy barbecue or cooking curry and rice at the barbecue site (reservation required). An outdoor swimming pool with play equipments is also open in summer.
Open: mid March through November (swimming pool: mid July to early September)
http://www.enakyo-wonderland.jp/ (Japanese)

Purposeexperience,kids,family,let's hang out!
Airport/Sta.Chubu Centrair International Airport (about 88.2km) Google Transit


4.04 months ago

Old school theme park.. Rustic! Set in the 1970s but fantastic!

3.0a month ago

At the amusement park I used to go to when I was in elementary school
For the first time with my husband and three elementary school children
I went to summer vacation
It's a bad service to have all kinds of unlimited ride tickets.
I know there aren't enough people
That will crush it again ...

There was a person riding a large float in the pool, but he wasn't careful and was in the way.
It was just the right size and depth for younger children

The children wanted to enter the haunted house,
Not included in all-you-can-ride 10 types
I didn't let him in because I didn't want to pay a lot of money for such handmade
Instead, the surprise house was very popular and was riding forever.
The caramel coaster was a few centimeters short, but I didn't notice it (we didn't even notice it).
I was told that the Vikings were no good.

2.0a month ago

Service is good because there are few customers
drop down. Because the service will drop
The number of customers will decrease. There was a part-time job working hard, but in the hot weather
Some people were full.
In particular, the person in charge at the site worked hard, but the ticket office with a cooler seems to lack motivation. Moreover, the ticket office is in charge of cute children, and the site is ...
I don't know the arrangement, but I want you to do your job well. The couple and grandchildren bought 10 kinds of unlimited ride tickets, but I think it was a wise way to buy them with an elderly pass and let them go to the attractions that only their grandchildren want to ride. It is very old as a whole. I felt it was rusty, but the reality is that there are many similar amusement parks nationwide. I think it's difficult to manage, but I want you to devise ways to make fun memories so that your children don't pull out.

5.0a month ago

You can fully enjoy it until the lower grades of elementary school. At the pool and amusement park (Tokutoku set), I played to the fullest from 9:40 to 17:00 and thought that I didn't have enough time. (2 adults, 6 years old, 3 years old)

I went to the pool on July 30th, and the number of people was just right. I shoot water guns and bazookas (six up and down) from the top and bottom of the pirate ship, but there is always someone, but I can take turns playing without waiting. Everyone is very excited about the place where the water in the bucket falls all at once.

The customers were rattling on the amusement park side.

I wanted to use the amusement park shuttle bus to move from the hotel (Enakyo International), but the arrival at the amusement park is 10:40 and the departure is 16:10, so the staying time will be shorter. After consulting with the amusement park, they picked me up individually so that I could enter from the opening to the closing. I am very grateful. The driver was the on-site director of the pool, etc. at the time of the renewal, and he told me various stories.

If I was eating shaved ice before the park closed, the lady at the shop gave me Osaka-yaki as a souvenir.

The amusement park fee is a little high, but the staff were very warm.

3.0a month ago

I stopped by on the way back from my trip to Gero.
The staff were all elderly and I wanted to support them.
I talked a little, but he was kind.
It's been several decades since the park opened, so the facility is very old, but I felt nostalgic. (I went there for the first time. Lol
I enjoyed the game center because it was all nostalgic.

Admission and attractions are expensive
I wondered if it could be helped.

I went with my 1-year-old daughter, but all the vehicles seemed to be crying and we were still fast. Lol
Many people under the age of 3 could ride with their parents.

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