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A nostalgic amusement park located in Ena-kyo Gorge, a scenic area along the lake in Gifu Prefecture. There are plenty of attractions that even younger children can enjoy, including the large Ferris wheel overlooking the gorge and the Sky Dragon running on a rail through the park. You can also enjoy barbecue or cooking curry and rice at the barbecue site (reservation required). An outdoor swimming pool with play equipments is also open in summer.
Open: mid March through November (swimming pool: mid July to early September)
http://www.enakyo-wonderland.jp/ (Japanese)

Purposeexperience,kids,family,let's hang out!
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4.09 months ago

Old school theme park.. Rustic! Set in the 1970s but fantastic!

4.03 months ago

It is a little-known amusement park. The roller coaster can be driven by a single passenger. I am glad that there is a feeling of charter. There are cute animals such as goats and pigs, and I think it's enough for small children. Although the facility as a whole is old, it is a facility that we would like to support for the creation of local employment.

5.02 months ago

Not everything is up to date, it's a tasteful amusement park.
The playset with the scent of the Showa era was unexpectedly solid.
Yoro Land is famous for amusement parks in Gifu, but the colors of B-class spots and rare spots are lighter than here, so I think you can enjoy it with your family.

The staff were very kind and I was able to spend a fulfilling time.

In addition, there are nostalgic retro games in the arcade, so it may be a place for adults to enjoy.

5.04 months ago

Title: Jueju Machine

It was very vacant.
I got on a roller coaster.
There was a sandbag in the seat.
I heard.
Employee "If it is light, it will float and derail."

5.03 months ago

As the last memory of my child's summer vacation, I stopped by on the way back from Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture 🚗 After the pool, the children said they wanted to play at the amusement park 🎢 Style to call and ride 👍 The picture is moving for the three children's brothers. It's a luxury in a sense 🤣 It's hard to have such an experience, so please go ❗️

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