Art & Festa Forest in Takayama

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Art & Festa Forest in Takayama (Hida Takayama Matsuri-no-Mori)4.0

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Matsuri-no-Mori (Festa Forest) is a museum which introduces the famous Takayama-matsuri Festival which is held biannually in April and October in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture. In the underground dome called Geo-dome, which was built by excavating the slope of the mountain, gorgeous festival floats are displayed, being lit by moving lights with the fantastic atmosphere. Demonstrations of Karakuri-ningyo-mechanical-dolls on the floats can also be seen. There are other facilities adjacent to the museum, such as the Cho-no-Yakata (Butterfly House), an insectarium which exhibits specimens of 100,000 butterflies of 30,000 species as well as beetles from around the world, the Shizen-no-Mori (Nature Forest) where you can cuddle squirrels and rabbits, and the Chanoyu-no-Mori (Art Forest or Tea Ceremony Museum) where you can admire valuable tea bowls or experience Japanese tea ceremony.

PurposeFestivals,Traditional folk,experience,Animals,let's hang out!,Rainy Day
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