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Sightseeing information about Matsumoto Castle in Japan.

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Against the backdrop of the northern Japan Alps and sprawling highlands, this castle stands magnificently as a symbol of Matsumoto city. Dating back to the late 16 century, this is Japan's oldest wooden castle and one of four castles listed National Treasures (the other three being Inuyama, Hikone and Himeji). Among 12 castle keeps existent in Japan, it is the only one built on plains, rather than on a hilltop.

The donjon, attached with three turrets, has walls mostly covered with black clapboards, earning it the moniker of "Crow Castle". Interesting features include openings to drop stones onto enemies, and a turret built for moon viewing. Cherry trees bloom gracefully in mid-April and peonies in early May. The huge moats are very beautiful with red bridges and koi carp.

Purposecherry blossom viewing,sightseeing
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5.03 weeks ago

Very beautiful and scenic. The staff does a really good job ushering visitors around the castle for a smooth flow. A little bit of an exercise climbing the stairs, bad feeling for people without foot arches since you must remove your shoes. I also got good photos of beautiful Matsumoto City from the top floors of the castle.

5.0a month ago

Beautiful view from the top of Matsumoto Castle. I would recommend bringing sunglasses as they make it easier to see the mountains in the distance. On a bright day they are not visible unless you are wearing sunglasses. Also super cool is to take a picture with the samurai outside the castle gates. I believe one was licensed to have a real sword -- it was amazing.

4.0a week ago

We only saw the outside as it was closed over new year (Google's opening times currently don't reflect this). But this is a stunning Castle that looks great both in the day and at night. The mountain backdrop of Matsumoto makes it even more special.

5.03 weeks ago

Wonderful castle that was easily accessible from the train station. Unlike some other castles which have been converted to museums, only a small part of Matsumoto Castle housed some artifacts. As a result, you can get a feel of the actual keep, see the layout, look out of the windows, climb to the top floor and imagine what life could have been in the past. Note: you have to take off your shoes and carry them in a bag when you go into the castle. And the steps were really steep.

5.0a month ago

Incredible wooden castle in the beautiful city of Matsumoto. We really enjoyed the volunteer tour guide who took us through the castle. I would recommend making use of this option. You can ask for a tour inside a small kiosk right before entering the castle grounds. The stairs inside the castle are very steep and slippery so do not enter if you have trouble with stairs. We were only in Matsumoto for half a day and it was worth it!

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