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Sightseeing information about Matsumoto Castle in Japan.

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Against the backdrop of the northern Japan Alps and sprawling highlands, this castle stands magnificently as a symbol of Matsumoto city. Dating back to the late 16 century, this is Japan's oldest wooden castle and one of four castles listed National Treasures (the other three being Inuyama, Hikone and Himeji). Among 12 castle keeps existent in Japan, it is the only one built on plains, rather than on a hilltop.

The donjon, attached with three turrets, has walls mostly covered with black clapboards, earning it the moniker of "Crow Castle". Interesting features include openings to drop stones onto enemies, and a turret built for moon viewing. Cherry trees bloom gracefully in mid-April and peonies in early May. The huge moats are very beautiful with red bridges and koi carp.

Purposecherry blossom viewing,sightseeing
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5.02 months ago

Very cool. All information has English translation so your not Google translating everything. Stairs are very dangerous but the staff is there awaiting to help you if needed. Beautiful area castle is one of a kind and lots of places to relax and take some amazing pictures.

5.0a year ago

A fabulous castle - one of the five national treasure castles in Japan, and only one of 12 that are considered in "original" condition. (by comparison, there were 5,000 castles when the Meiji government decided to tear them down after 1868) The effort by people of the past and the local community to preserve this beautiful example of cultural history is remarkable.

5.08 months ago

Beautiful castle with historic significance.
Paid Parking lot available right next to the castle. About 200 yen for an hour. Biking for rental are also available in the parking lot.
One of the 12 original castle structures remaining in Japan.
Entrance into the garden and tower is 700 for an adult. But walking around the moat is free and really pleasant. The shopping area surrounding the castle is cute and lively.

5.06 months ago

Very cool castle kept in pristine condition. The stairs are steep! Take you time to walk around the local area as well to get different perspectives of the castle. Highly recommend!

5.04 months ago

This grand black castle is also called the Crow Castle. The second donjon and the turret adjoin the main building. This beautiful castle is located in plain ground with wide moat surrounding it. One enters the castle via a red bridge. It is an original historic castle. A must visit

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