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Against the backdrop of the northern Japan Alps and sprawling highlands, this castle stands magnificently as a symbol of Matsumoto city. Dating back to the late 16 century, this is Japan's oldest wooden castle and one of four castles listed National Treasures (the other three being Inuyama, Hikone and Himeji). Among 12 castle keeps existent in Japan, it is the only one built on plains, rather than on a hilltop.

The donjon, attached with three turrets, has walls mostly covered with black clapboards, earning it the moniker of "Crow Castle". Interesting features include openings to drop stones onto enemies, and a turret built for moon viewing. Cherry trees bloom gracefully in mid-April and peonies in early May. The huge moats are very beautiful with red bridges and koi carp.

Purposecherry blossom viewing,sightseeing
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5.02 weeks ago

One of the most beautifully preserved castles with a breathtaking alpine scenery.

You can visit the building from the inside but be aware of the following: shoes must be taken off and the wooden floor inside is really really cold! So be prepared if you visit it during Winter months. Also there are some extremely steep stairs inside, so only visit it if you have a good coordination and condition to climb these.

There are also local volunteers around if you need some help or guidance.

5.03 weeks ago

Great Historical experience. Entrance fee is fair. Castle can be easily reached by public transportation. From time to time there are events happening at the location - a great chance to meet locals. A Must-Visit location if you are in Matsumoto.

5.02 weeks ago

One of the most beautiful historic castle in Japan. You can visit inside this place or go sightseeing around the castle if you arrive at Matsumoto in the evening after operating hours. If you are travelling to Japan alps or Kamikochi and have to drop in Matsumoto, this place has no reason to miss at all. Getting to this place is easy. You can take a local bus called Town sneaker or walk about 16 minutes from Matsumoto station.

4.02 months ago

Another amazing piece of Japanese history perfectly preserved.
There is not a huge amount of artifacts to see inside, but the experience and surrounding grounds are beautiful. Makes for some great photos.
If visiting in winter make sure to wear two pairs of thick socks. As usual it's no shoes inside the castle and the floors reach zero degrees.

5.02 weeks ago

Matsumoto castle is obviously a fantastic place to visit. It's impressive during the day but more so at night. The garden is open 24/7 and the castle is lit in a spectacular way. I would recommend wearing really really thick socks when visiting the castle in winter. As most Japanese castles, they have a shoes off policy and our feet froze when walking around. Much easier to enjoy the beauty of the castle when you're not freezing! The stairs inside are really steep so plan your visit carefully if you have painful libs.

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