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Matsumoto Castle4.1

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Against the backdrop of the northern Japan Alps and sprawling highlands, this castle stands magnificently as a symbol of Matsumoto city. Dating back to the late 16 century, this is Japan's oldest wooden castle and one of four castles listed National Treasures (the other three being Inuyama, Hikone and Himeji). Among 12 castle keeps existent in Japan, it is the only one built on plains, rather than on a hilltop.

The donjon, attached with three turrets, has walls mostly covered with black clapboards, earning it the moniker of "Crow Castle". Interesting features include openings to drop stones onto enemies, and a turret built for moon viewing. Cherry trees bloom gracefully in mid-April and peonies in early May. The huge moats are very beautiful with red bridges and koi carp.

Purposecherry blossom viewing,sightseeing
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5.0in the last week

Nice place to spend a few hours. It is an easy walk from the Matsumoto train station. I enjoyed my time there. Matsumoto also looks like a nice little town.

5.0in the last week

Beautiful castle with a minimal entrance fee that is totally worth it. There are free guides tour in different languages near the entrance. Our English guide was awesome, he shared a lot of Japanese history and also the history of the castle, too bad I forgot this name. Definitely get the guided tour! We spent 1 hour plus on the tour.

5.0a month ago

Very beautiful and tranquil surroundings. I found this to be a very pleasant place to visit. Great for the family. Plenty of things to see.

People are very nice and friendly. Very polite and helpful even in English.

5.0a month ago

Beautiful and very well maintained castle in the heart of Matsumoto city. Buying castle ticket gives you access to the inside of the castle which is highly recommended from my perspective. It was fascinating how they design and build the place.

A walk garden and pond sons castle perimeter was also nice and soothing. Apparently, we heard that clapping or snapping next to the pond will call fishes to swim to you. So we tried it and it worked. Maybe they were just hungry. :)

5.03 weeks ago

My first castle ever! Dubbed the "Crow Castle" due to its black exterior, Matsumoto Castle is located in Nagano Prefecture, in the city of Matsumoto.

This beautiful castle still maintains its original wooden interiors and external stonework. It's hard to imagine samurai in full gear roaming the inside of this castle. A little FYI: for those with bad knees, beware. The steps going to each floor are steep. If your familiar with jump boxes, just imagine trying to step onto one...that's how some of these steps feel. And climbing back down...whoa, Nelly. and watch your head!

Otherwise, a must see if you are visiting!!

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