Sightseeing information about Kamikochi in Japan.


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This highland at around 1500m is surrounded by major mountains in the northern Japan Alps. In the late 19th century, British alpinist Walter Weston explored this area and stimulated mountaineering interest with Japanese and foreigners. The highland has since attracted many climbers, making it a major mountaineering resort and listed a 2-star place in Michelin 2008.

The area around the Kappabashi Bridge is a photogenic place where streams wind through primeval forests of white birch and fir dotted with beautiful ponds. The Tashiroike pond is a marshland looking like a rice paddy field, and nearby Mount Yakedake (2455m) is among the most popular with alpinists. The environment of subalpine zone with sprawling marshland contributes to the rich flora of this area.

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My favorite place in all around Japan! So beautiful and clean

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물이 맑다. 새벽에는 사람이 많이 없지만 낮에는 사람들로 인산인해를 이루는 곳 ! 날씨가 좋을때 보는 북알프스 연봉들은 잊을 수가 없다

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