Yachiho Highlands

Sightseeing information about Yachiho Highlands in Japan.

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Yachiho Highlands, a plateau spreading over the eastern foots of the North Yatugatake mountain range, is famous for its white birch forest. In an area of some 200 hectares grow a half million white birch trees, which are beautifully contrasted with a variety of azaleas blooming in spring. The whole plateau turns into huge golden carpet in autumn when leaves of white birch, together with larch, take on vibrant colors.

You can observe birds and alpine plants along various mountain trails, winding around lakes and waterfalls. Shirakoma-no-ike, a lake in the higher area, is surrounded by primitive forest and moss, and another lake in the lower area attract a lot campers. In between the two lakes is a ski resort with seven runs and five lifts.

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