Lake Aoki

Sightseeing information about Lake Aoki in Japan.

Lake Aoki (Aoki-ko)2.8

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This heart-shaped lake, Aoki-ko, is the the largest of the Three Lakes of Nishina along the Northern Alps aka Hida Mountains. The surface of the lake with a depth of 58 meters and high transparency, reflects the Three Mountains of Hakuba (or Shirouma, both meaning "White Horse"). On and around the lake you can enjoy board sailing, canoeing, kayaking and camping in summer, while a number of skiers visit there in winter as a basecamp for skiing. There are also nice hiking courses visiting historic sites along the famous trail, the Salt Road.

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5.05 months ago

Thank you for bringing my son and SUP.
I made a reservation the day before, but I was happy to receive it. (Bring-in fee 500 yen / person)

Lake Aoki is one of the most transparent lakes in Japan as well as in Nagano prefecture.
Since there is no use of a boat with an engine, you can play canoeing and SUP with confidence.
The spring water from the bottom of the lake is very beautiful and the surface of the lake is quiet. The surrounding trees, mountains and the blue of the sky are beautiful.

It was just floating, and it was a perfect relaxation 💯.
We recommend that you make a reservation in advance and play relaxedly.
There is also Azumino National Park nearby.
You can also play with mountain bikes and splash rivers (summer).

5.02 years ago

The cold water and the scenery are the best ️It was a luxurious play.

5.03 years ago

Participated in SUP with my son. The water in Lake Aoki was very clean and comfortable. There was a place where the water surface looked blue and it was wonderful.

5.04 years ago

I came to play alone
Even beginners will teach you fun
Stand up quickly and forget your time to enjoy.

5.03 years ago

After all, the personality of the owner is the best and it seems to fit in the sap

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