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Oishi Park3.5

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A scenic park where you can enjoy the view of flowers, the Lake Kawaguchi-ko and the majestic Mt. Fuji at the same time. The park, situated by the northern side of the lake in the town of Fujikawaguchiko, is one of the venues of the annual Kawaguchiko Herb Festival. During the festival time it is crowded with people who admire Mt. Fuji over the field of lavender in full bloom. There are other flowers planted in the park and the red leaves of Kochia in autumn are famous too. You can also try making blueberry jam at the Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center on site.
Flowers in season (average year)
End- April: Tulips, daffodils, rape blossoms, etc.
Early May: The pink carpet of moss phlox spreads vividly
End-June through early July: Lavender in full bloom (Kawaguchiko Herb Festival)
Late June through early October: Niagara with Begonia flowers (130m long and 3m high)
Mid-October through end-October: Kochia (summer cypress) turn red

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5.02 weeks ago

one of the best places i ever seen. there is a very clear view of Fuji, several flower garden. free parking lot. seating place.
you can enjoy a nice view of lake Fuji

5.09 months ago

We went here during this winter season, but nonetheless, the view of Mount Fuji was still beautiful and magnificent by the lake. The winter vibe was somehow also great and there were some snow left around the park from 2-3 days ago, yet we were quite lucky to be able to see the mountain in a whole shape.

The parking lot is quite big so it is very convenient if you go by car. We spent quite a long time to enjoy the view and also had our lunch picnic in the park (yes in the middle of cold air but under the sunshine with a great view, so why not?) The park is not that large, you can try to walk around and enjoy to take pictures in several spots. There is a cafe and also souvenir store where you can try their famous ice cream with Fuji-shaped cookie in it and buy yourself a souvenir.

5.0in the last week

Good place to enjoy autumn. Unfortunately, it was cloudy when I came so we could not see Fuji-san. I recommend you to check forecast and only come when the sky is clear.

5.03 months ago

The perfect place to admire Mount Fuji!
But for perfect lighting, better get here in the morning where the sun is at your back shining towards the view, instead of in the afternoon when it’s the other way round.

5.0a week ago

Nice Mt. Fuji view point.

Recommended fir early morning visit til 10 in thr morning, catch the sunrise, perfect blue sky and stunning Mt. Fuji

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