Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum

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Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum (Kawaguchiko Ongaku to Mori no Bijutsu-kan)3.0

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Kawaguchiko Music Forest, located in Fujikawaguchiko-machi in Yamanashi Prefecture, is a museum with a world-class collection of automatic musical instruments. Along with a variety of high-end music boxes and automata, it features historical objects including the world's largest automatic "dance organ" with dancing dolls, which was originally put in a dance hall, and the priceless Philharmonic Orchestrion "Titanic Model", which was originally planned to be installed in the salon of the luxury passenger ship RMS Titanic but escaped the tragedy due to the delay in delivery. In addition to the daily automatic instruments demonstrations, they also perform collaborative concerts with opera singers and the automatic instruments, and lunchtime concerts with live musical instrument players. The museum buildings are reproductions of medieval aristocratic houses in Europe and you can enjoy walking around them among the beautiful gardens with a pond.

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2.0a week ago

The only reason I would recommend going here is if you really want to take cosplay photos with an amazing Mount Fuji background... Or if you want to see vintage music boxes and a very rare Stradivarius violin on display. Breathtaking photos are the main objective of most customers here. Many customers are young, middle-aged or senior women. I might go as far to say that this is a bit of a tourist trap. The staff for courteous and polite and they took our temperature and had prevention measures in place. The bathrooms were nicely well maintained, if that means anything.

5.02 months ago

We passed this place by accidentally. It is very nice and cute place to visit. Also, it has many nice spots to take the photo. The place is not very big but it is large enough to walk around and kill the time for one hour, and also can get the nice souvenir photos.

5.02 months ago

Beautiful setting, nearly immaculately kept grounds, and live performances make this a great spot.

3.02 weeks ago

If you go to see the Kawaguchiko Music Forest I would definitely reccomend to go earlier in the day. I arrived at 3pm but could only see two out of the four shows.

At Kawaguchiko Music Forest the entrance fee is 1800 yen for an adult ticket. This fee includes walking around the gardens and seeing the shows. Fir an additional fee there are other activities you can enjoy such as dressing up as a princess, choosing a music box and then painting the wooden case for it,and eating in a cafe.

4.02 weeks ago

While the tech is outdated, it's still an interesting experience to look at how the music world was being automated in the past.

Don't expect a flashy show, but a somber walk in history.

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