Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum

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Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum (Kawaguchiko Ongaku to Mori no Bijutsu-kan)3.0

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Kawaguchiko Music Forest, located in Fujikawaguchiko-machi in Yamanashi Prefecture, is a museum with a world-class collection of automatic musical instruments. Along with a variety of high-end music boxes and automata, it features historical objects including the world's largest automatic "dance organ" with dancing dolls, which was originally put in a dance hall, and the priceless Philharmonic Orchestrion "Titanic Model", which was originally planned to be installed in the salon of the luxury passenger ship RMS Titanic but escaped the tragedy due to the delay in delivery. In addition to the daily automatic instruments demonstrations, they also perform collaborative concerts with opera singers and the automatic instruments, and lunchtime concerts with live musical instrument players. The museum buildings are reproductions of medieval aristocratic houses in Europe and you can enjoy walking around them among the beautiful gardens with a pond.

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4.0in the last week

The place looks like you entered a classic fairy tale town. There's music playing, the visual is European and cute. There's a cafe and a restaurant inside, and a few places to visit and watch live music performances every hour. We didn't stay too long because we were very tired, but got to see an opera singer and the water fountain show. Probably great to take kids there.

5.0a year ago

We passed this place by accidentally. It is very nice and cute place to visit. Also, it has many nice spots to take the photo. The place is not very big but it is large enough to walk around and kill the time for one hour, and also can get the nice souvenir photos.

5.02 weeks ago

Utterly bizarre concept for a museum but it all works wonderfully. It’s part late 19th century French theme park, part historical museum, part art performance, all with impressively beautiful buildings and grounds.
Be sure to watch the shows, which are frequent.

5.02 months ago

Totally an amazing experience! Being able to put on the costumes and take pictures was exciting. This is a must visit area. Outside of the parking area there were an interesting Christmas shop. You gotta visit!

5.0a week ago

This is a musical garden in the background of lake kawaguchi and beautiful scenery. Mt.fuji is also in the background but it was a hazy day when we visited.
It is a small place but very enjoyable.

There's a performance of dolls coming out of a cuckoo clock every hour with water fountain in the front.

The sand art performance was very impressive. It looked as though the cartoons were generated by a computer. Realized at the end that it was live.
There was a demo of different organs and musical Instruments in another hall.

Lots of photo opportunities as it's very scenic.
We took a bus from the kawaguchiko train station. The bus stops at various attractions around the lake, very convenient.

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