Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum

Sightseeing information about Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum in Japan.

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum (Kawaguchiko Ongaku to Mori no Bijutsu-kan)3.0

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Kawaguchiko Music Forest, located in Fujikawaguchiko-machi in Yamanashi Prefecture, is a museum with a world-class collection of automatic musical instruments. Along with a variety of high-end music boxes and automata, it features historical objects including the world's largest automatic "dance organ" with dancing dolls, which was originally put in a dance hall, and the priceless Philharmonic Orchestrion "Titanic Model", which was originally planned to be installed in the salon of the luxury passenger ship RMS Titanic but escaped the tragedy due to the delay in delivery. In addition to the daily automatic instruments demonstrations, they also perform collaborative concerts with opera singers and the automatic instruments, and lunchtime concerts with live musical instrument players. The museum buildings are reproductions of medieval aristocratic houses in Europe and you can enjoy walking around them among the beautiful gardens with a pond.

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5.09 months ago

We passed this place by accidentally. It is very nice and cute place to visit. Also, it has many nice spots to take the photo. The place is not very big but it is large enough to walk around and kill the time for one hour, and also can get the nice souvenir photos.

4.06 months ago

While the tech is outdated, it's still an interesting experience to look at how the music world was being automated in the past.

Don't expect a flashy show, but a somber walk in history.

5.04 months ago

Superb place. You should go early to be able to attend all the shows.
We had the shuttle bus from our hotel, which dropped us at the entrance.
We even got the Sid pint coupon from our hotel for the same.
Reminds you of glass museum from hakone.

Kids enjoyed all the shows and instruments.
They even have costumes on rent facility for kids as well as adults.

3.0a month ago

Yes, quite a unique experience and enjoyed the different shows, especially the regular concert. However, there are some dioramas on display that are extremely problematic, ie racist. Dioramas from France and Germany depicting “monkeys” and people with dark skin characterized offensively.

4.0a year ago

A definite perfect place that you cannot miss if you were to visit Kawaguchiko..

Amazing 100 years old musical instruments that played music's by mechanical designs not human beings...

Awesome performance of the dance and opera accompanied by 100-year old machine-driven music's notes...

Very unique souvenirs of various designs of music boxes. A wonderful store that you will have to pick one for your loves....

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