Fujikyu Highland

Sightseeing information about Fujikyu Highland in Japan.

Fujikyu Highland3.7

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Here is the most thrill amusement park in Japan! Fujikyu Highland which is best located just in the front of Mount Fuji has many thrill machines. In order to renew Guinness record, new coaster is introduced every 5 years, and currently 14 series of Guinness record with 9 attractions are achieved.
"Takabisya" in 2011 is with the world largest fall angle of 121 angles! "Eejyanaika" in 2006 which is seat round-type coaster is the world highest number of 14 rounds! Near the park, there are many spots where we want to go together including the world heritage of Mount Fuji, Fujiyama hot spring and art museum.

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