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Day Spa Hottarakashi Onsen (Acchi-no-Yu, Kocchi-no-Yu)4.0

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Hottarakashi Onsen is a day spa which is situated on a hill behind the Fujiya Hotel in Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture. The founder named it "Hottarakashi (no fussing) Spa" because it didn't offer any extra service such as foods, towels or luxury massage services as other spas do but a great view. You can chose one from two facilities on site : Acchi-no-yu (Bath Over There) and Kocchi-no-yu (Bath Right Here). Each of the facilities is divided into two areas, for men and for women, and each area has two open-air baths (wooden and rock-made) along with an indoor bath with a washing area. Every open-air bath offers magnificent view of Mt. Fuji, the Kofu Basin and surrounding mountains. It is open from one hour before sunrise until 22:00 so you can admire the sunrise, a night view of the town of Kofu or a sky full of stars from the baths. The Acchi-no-yu, which is newer and larger, offers a greater view and the night view from there is especially amazing. On the other hand Kocchi-no-yu features the better view of Mt. Fuji which sits just in front of it.
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5.09 months ago

A simple onsen with one of the best views you will find in the country.

The shower rooms contain only a the essentials of shampoo and body soap. However prepare to have your breathe taken away night or day when you step outside.

5.0a year ago

Exceptional place, beautiful view at night, and tattoo are accepted. Great place. You need to try the boiled fried egg, very tasty.

5.011 months ago

Simply onsen, where tattoo are welcome.
No fancy spa services but with beautiful landscape, nice hot water... who need to be pampered

5.02 weeks ago

Very nice and relaxing experience. This onsen allows tattoos and has a wonderful view of Mount Fiji. I really enjoyed my time here and would highly recommend going.

4.08 months ago

Little bit far from most of the camping site but definitely place to visit if you are near here.
Onsen building itself might seem little old but onsen inside is a absolute nature with the great view of mountains and villages under.
Ticket was less than ¥1000yen.

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