Fugaku Wind Cave

Sightseeing information about Fugaku Wind Cave in Japan.

Fugaku Wind Cave (Fugaku Fuketsu)3.6

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Fugaku Fuketsu Wind Cave, situated within the Aokigahara Jukai Forest to the northwest of Mt. Fuji, is one of the most popular lava tubes around Mt. Fuji. It is a lateral type of cave with the total length of 201 meters (659 feet) and an average height of 8.7 meters (28.5 feet) , which can be easily toured by children. Inside the cave is cool even in summer with the average temperature of 3 degrees Celsius (37.4 degrees Fahrenheit), and it had been used as a natural fridge for storing the eggs of silkworms until about 1950. Touring inside the cave you can see lava terraces, icicles, rope-like lava forms and, in the deepest part of the cave, recreated shelves where they used to store the silkworm eggs, cocoons and tree seeds in the Meiji Period (1868-1912). A 20-min walk trail is provided in the forest between this wind cave and the Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave, another popular cave in this area. Designated as a Natural Monument of Japan.
※Fugaku - another name for Mt. Fuji

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5.03 months ago

Natural fridge. In hot summer the cave is pretty cold.

2.0a month ago

Where did all the ice go? It’s a small cave and the interior is really cool but I didn’t see much of the ice that was advertised.

4.05 months ago

It was a bit small, cold and wasn't much for us to see at the time. Was a neat experience for our kids 😊

5.0a month ago

Low ceiling but pretty cool. Cool and damp really neat

5.0a month ago

10-15 mins by car from Kawaguchi ko, amazing experience of visiting cave first time in my life. Family friendly ( for kids elder than 6), its not scary, the way downstairs and upstairs is quite difficult for smaller kids.

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