Day Spa Fuji Chobo-no-Yu Yurari

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Day Spa Fuji Chobo-no-Yu Yurari3.2

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Fuji Chobo-no-Yu (Mt.Fuji Viewing Hot Sprint) Yurari is a day spa facility which is adjacent to a resort village, Fuji Midori-no-Kyukamura in Narusawa, Yamanashi Prefecture, at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji. There are open-air and indoor public baths with a view of the magnigficent Mt. Fuji, including the Japanese-garden-like Reiho-no-yu (Sacred Peak open-air bath) and the indoor Takami-buro (High View Bath), along with a cave bath, a steam bath, an aromatherapy bath and a sauna etc. They also offer a variety of private baths with additional charge for the guests who stay at the Fuji Midori-no-Kyukamura. Lounges and restaurans are also available and one of the restaurants, Okariba, serves dishes by a small locomotive to its private rooms.

Purposenow this is Japanese cuisine,hot springs
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5.03 months ago

This onsen had a great selection of pools, including indoor and outdoor options. Pools had varying temperatures of water, and there were some neat ones such as the cave pool that featured rock formations and the aromatherapy pool, which was a jacuzzi enclosed in a greenhouse and smelled of citrus at the time. The onsen offered other amenities such as private baths and a restaurant, all at additional cost. For general onsen use, it was 1500 yen each which included towel rental. Any foreigners shouldn't be surprised if locals exit the pool when you enter. It just comes with the territory, unfortunately, but is not the fault of the onsen itself.

5.03 months ago

Fabulous onsen with many funky indoor and outdoor baths. Mount Fuji's view merely is spectacular!!!

3.02 months ago

Pricey for what you get 1500yen per person towels provided.
Theres no facial amenities for women in comparison to plenty other onsens of this size.
The pools are OK and the pool with mount fuji view is the smallest one for both men and women which is pretty odd.

5.0in the last week

View of Fuji from the onsen outside! Various bath on different floor (8+)

4.0a year ago

A Japanese public hot spring soaking. Not too bad but it will be pretty hot at first until you get use to the temperature.
Like the in between run around from totally hot bath to the outdoor especially when there's cold wind...
it's also kinda interesting too to squeeze into he small doors into the cave bath and steam bath... reckon that not all can get thru that small door but it's nice to be in there.. but not too long as it will be difficult to breathe due to the hot steam.

Quite an experience especially during winter

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