Cape Ubuyagasaki

Sightseeing information about Cape Ubuyagasaki in Japan.

Cape Ubuyagasaki (Ubuya-ga-saki)3.0

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Ubuya-ga-saki is a small cape that protrudes to the east coast of Lake Kawaguchi-ko in Yamanashi Prefecture near Mt. Fuji. It is famous as an viewing spot of upside-down Fuji reflected on the surface of the lake in the early morning without waves. There is a monument of Matsuo Basho, a great haiku poet who visited here, and a bust of Okada Koyo, who was known as the Mt.Fuji Photographer. On the rock at the tip of the cape there is a small shrine which enshrines Hoori no Mikoto, one of ancesters of the Emperors of Japan, and his wife, Toyotama-hime. The name of this cape, Ubuya (delivery room), was given from the legend that Toyotama-hime gave birth here, and the shrine is believed to be beneficial for safe delivery.

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5.011 months ago

Perfect place to stop for Mount Fuji and lake views. Their is a free parking lot with just a few spots that do full up throughout the day. To walk all the way around the lake from the lot, it is a 2.5 mile walk but is very scenic and well worth it.

5.0a year ago

This is the most favourite place in my life.. you should go there and sit down an hour. Also, prey the shrine or something like that beside this place... Love

5.02 years ago

Nice walking path along Lake Kawaguchi that leads you to this perfect spot of Mount Fuji that is clear of any obstruction. Can be windy and chilly even in summer evenings, so prepare a light jacket to stay comfortable. An umbrella could be useful as rain does come quickly with the strong winds unexpectedly. Sunscreen if you're visiting in midday as there is hardly any shades at that spot if you intend to stay long.

5.0a year ago

Nice Fuji mout view when taking picture here

5.02 years ago

Nice place for viewing the Fuji Mount. Strongly recommend to walk along the river. You'll find different views. Wind is big, Remember to wear anti-wind clothes.

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