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Lake Motosu-ko, located on the border of the towns of Fujikawaguchiko and Minobu in Yamanashi Prefecture, is the westernmost of the Fuji-Goko (Fuji Five Lakes). It is 13 kilometers in circumference, 4.7 square kilometers in area and 138 meters in the maximum water depth, which is the deepest among the five lakes. The north shore of the lake is a nice spot for viewing Mt. Fuji - the photo of Mt. Fuji with its reflection in the lake that is printed on 1000 yen bills was taken from here. Though windsurfing and canoeing have become popular around the northwest area of the lake, natures around this lake, compared to other four lakes of Fuji-Goko, are not yet developed for tourist and a great deal of this area, especially on its west coast, is left untouched.

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Lake Motosu is the third-largest of the Fuji Five Lakes in terms of surface area, and is the deepest, with a maximum water depth of 121.6 metres (399 feet), making it the ninth-deepest lake in Japan. Its surface elevation of 900 metres (3,000 feet) is the same as for Lake Shōji and Lake Sai, confirming that these three lakes were originally a single lake, which was divided by an enormous lava flow from Mount Fuji. The remnants of the lava flow are now under the Aokigahara Jukai Forest, and there is evidence to indicate that these three lakes remain connected by underground waterways. The temperature of the water never drops below 4 °C (39 °F), making it the only one of the Fuji Five Lakes that does not freeze in winter.

The lake is within the borders of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

As with the other Fuji Five Lakes, the area is a popular resort, with many lakeside hotels, windsurfing facilities, camp sites, and excursion boats. Rainbow trout and brown trout were introduced to the lake in the Meiji period, and sports fishing is also popular. However, in recent years, reduced water transparency due to pollution from these activities has been a growing issue.

The lake and its view of Mount Fuji were featured on Series D of the Japanese 5000-yen note and Series E of the Japanese 1000-yen note.

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Beautiful place with Fuji and lake

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The altitude of Lake Motosu is 900m, which is the same as Lake Shoji and Lake Saiko, and it is said that the large lake called "Senoumi" was originally made into three lakes by the eruption of Mt. Fuji.
This photo was taken from the front of the observation park.

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August 12, 2020
Unfortunately, all the parking lots were full.
It's a wonderful place, so I drove the Motosu lakeside road,
As you drive to the west, the worst view is to park your car in a way that blocks more than half of one side of a two-lane road.
No way camping in this state ⛺️?
Moreover, change clothes on the street.
Isn't the Wuhan virus scary? No masks 😷, and it's super 3 dense.
Such a scene is 2-3 kilometers to the left and right
it continues.
It's like a homeless group.
It's too dangerous, as a big camper will open the door on the opposite lane side and completely block the lane.
It shouldn't be your own road.
Before the big accident happens
Take early action.

5.07 months ago


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