Five Lakes of Mikata

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Five Lakes of Mikata (Mikata-goko)3.8

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Mikata-goko (Five Lakes of Mikata) are a series of lakes located in Mihama and Wakasa towns in Fukui Prefecture. They consists of Lakes Mikata-ko (fresh water), Hiruga-ko (saline water), Suigetsu-ko, Suga-ko and Kugushi-ko (brackish water). As the quality and the depth of the water differs, the color of the water slightly differs from one lake to another and they are also refered to as Goshiki-no-Mizuumi (Lakes of Five Colors). Many anglers visit the lakes as there are a variety of fish including carp, goby, sea bass, sea bream and black bass. Being located in the Wakasa Bay, the beautiful scenery of the five lakes with the sea and surrounding mountains were mentioned in the Manyo-shu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves), which is the oldest collection of Japanese Waka poetry compiled in the 8th century. Designated as a Ramsar site in 2005.

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5.0a month ago

The best place I have ever visited in Japan.

5.07 months ago

Fantastic view and they some restaurants in the top.

5.010 months ago

Great views! Not too crowded... Maybe

1.011 months ago

1040¥ toll fee to drive inside this road, and extra 900¥/person to take the lift to the top wjere the shops and restaurants are. Views are OK but the overall price is kinda a ripoff. I'd suggest just to visit Mihama, the coast village at the bottom before the toll gate

5.0a year ago

I love this place!!

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