Kuzuryu Gorge

Sightseeing information about Kuzuryu Gorge in Japan.

Kuzuryu Gorge (Kuzuryukyo)2.5

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A scenic gorge along the upper stream of the River Kuzuryu-gawa between Kakigashima and Shimoyama in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture. There are a variety of attractions along the gorge including the Uodome-no-taki (Fish Stopping Waterfalls), the Hotokebara Dam and the Hotoke-gozen-no-taki (Lady Hotoke-gozen Waterfalls). National Route 158 is along the river and you can drive while viewing the scenic beauty, which is stunning especially with fresh green leaves in early summer and colored foliage in autumn.

Purposeautumn foliage,sightseeing
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5.010 months ago

It's also part of Hokuriku electricty. The lake is beautiful wherever you go!

3.0a year ago

It would be an attractive route for dam lovers ☺️

4.02 years ago

If you walk along the middle (rising) road of the fork to the bank, you can see the lower part of the dam diagonally from above.

4.03 years ago

It's a dam for power generation.

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