Meikyodo Cave

Sightseeing information about Meikyodo Cave in Japan.

Meikyodo Cave3.0

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This cave is the largest among the Yana no Kisho (Places of odd sight with Eight Caves), which were carved out over many years by the harsh waves of the Sea of Japan, located in Shiroyama Park, Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture. It was named Meikyo-do (Mirror Cave) because the horizon seen through the cave hole looks like the reflection in the mirror. It is said that Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (1358-1408), the third shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate, highly praised the view when he visited there in 1393.

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4.06 months ago

Beautiful small cliff along the sea. The place is very less crowded and also you can relax at park nearby

3.05 months ago

Calm and serene

4.03 weeks ago

It's easy to reach from the parking lot, but it was very windy. It was a very nice view. I also saw a rainbow 🌈.

4.02 months ago

Natural landscape and waves 🌊 And healed by the surfers.

3.04 months ago

Iseya (purchased from Kuzumanju) → Unjosui → Roadside Station Wakasa Obama (light lunch) → Myotsuji Temple → Roadside Station Takahama Seaside → Myokyoudo → Hibiki Rice Terraces I stopped by with a dog. (2021/08/10)

The waves were rough due to the typhoon that passed the day before.
Since it is a beach in the summer, the parking fee for Shiroyama Park costs 1,500 yen (surprise).

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