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Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumo Stadium)4.4

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Ryogoku Kokugikan is a venue for tournaments of sumo wrestling, Japan's national sport. The stadium has over 10,000 seats and host three of six annual tournaments - in January, May and September. Doors open at 8am with minor league matches taking place in the morning, and senior wrestles hit the ring from 2pm to 6pm.

During the off-seasons, the stadium is used for professional wrestling matches, robot wrestling competitions, music concerts and more. Around the stadium, there many restaurants serving chanko-nabe, or hot-pot dishes that actual sumo wrestlers eat. On the streets, you may see some young wrestlers strolling around in yukata (light summer kimono).

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5.0a month ago

Managed to get tickets to this January's bout and I was so excited! I've always wanted to watch a sumo tournament so this was a check off my bucket list. I recommend this to anyone who wants to experience an uniquely Japanese sporting event. I went early to queue for general admission tickets, do aim to arrive early as they only sell limited general admission tickets each match day. Download the Grand Sumo official app, it's very useful 👍🏻

5.0a month ago

Awesome experience!!! Thought I will spent an hour or so watching sumo but spent almost 5 hours! Must go place and experience. Took me two days to get there. First day came at around 9am, all the tickets for the day have been sold out. Next day came at 7, got a voucher and found out that if you plan to come with someone else you should bring that person too. They only sell tickets to the number of people in the line. You can not buy 2-3-4 tickets in one hand. Ridiculous. Finally I did some tweaks and got my two tickets. Show was awesome!!! Best matches starts at afternoon.

5.02 months ago

After watching the last few tournaments and becoming a new sumo fan I was never going to come to Japan and not watch a day of matches. I was wondering if was going to be as good live as it is watching online and it did not disappoint, it was way better. The atmosphere was incredible, from people yelling out their favourite wrestlers name to the huge rounds of applause when the big boys of the top division make their entrance, it was an amazing experience. Even if you’re not a sumo fan it’s definitely a must do experience if there’s a tournament on while you’re visiting. Tickets can be bought on the day but you’ve gotta get in early as there’s only a limited amount (around 400) Ticket booth opens at 7:45am but I got there at 6am and was ticket number 66 and there was a line about 300 deep by 7am.

5.03 months ago

Amazing experience to see the culture and history of sumo wrestling! The atmosphere was like no other, the cheers, the entrance into the arena and into the ring, and watching it all for the first time. It is a must see when visiting Japan. By far the best experience I had and would definitely go again. We got seats in the second level which has regular arena seating. The first level is on the floor seating and I couldn't do that for the many hours we were there. Arena sells good food and beer.

5.0a month ago

I've been here many times and always enjoyed it, watching sumo and pro wrestling. A great thing, especially for foreign tourists, is that you can take in anything you like, so load up on drinks and snacks and enjoy. I've been in the last row many times, there's not really a bad seat in the house.

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Funny Video.I'm interested in authentic Sumo.

Funny Video.I'm interested in authentic Sumo.

VisitedBefore 2000

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This I saw on the television to see Sumo, really tall makes me excited. Sumo arena feels different to see it live. In the Sumo Museum can also learn about Sumo in the sport's history and competitive rules and what training they need...

This I saw on the television to see Sumo, really tall makes me excited. Sumo arena feels different to see it live. In the Sumo Museum can also learn about Sumo in the sport's history and competitive rules and what training they need. Understanding only after know original sumo wrestler is also very hard.


VisitedOct 2010

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