Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine

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Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine (Hakusan Kyoryu Park Shiramine)3.2

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Kuwajima Fossil Bluff, in former Shiramine Village and in current Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture, had long been famous for its plant fossils. In 1986, the first fossil of dinosaur was found there and since then a number of fossils of teeth and footprints of dinosaurs have been found in the area. In the domed dinosaur museum (Kyoryu-kan) in the Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine, there is a model Tyrannosaurus (6 meters / 20 feet) along with a skeletal model of Diplodocus (28 meters / 92 feet) which is a replica of one in the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. A thighbone of Edmontosaurus is also displayed and you can touch it firsthand. There are other facilities on site and you can enjoy watching films about dinosaurs or about local nature and history, playing dinosaur computer games, shopping dinosaur goods at the museum shop, and having one of fossil excavation sessions.

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5.09 months ago

A bit old and small place, but exhibits are carefully selected and their comments are easy to understand. Not much information is good for small children. Looking the moving T-REX is definitely a good experience. 30 min is enough to look around.

4.02 years ago

It’s a good park to go enjoy with family.

3.03 years ago

Good place spend with family

It is a dinosaurs museum with very beautiful buildings

4.02 years ago


3.0a month ago

The fossil footprints of dinosaurs are large and spectacular. Overall, Fukui has more up-to-date information, and the contents of the exhibition are a little older than that.
I didn't do it, but it seems fun to be able to experience excavation.

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