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In 1583, Lord Maeda Toshiie moved to Kanazawa Castle and started to build the castle earnestly.
The castle tower was burned down by a fire several times in the past and has not been rebuilt, but other fortress buildings were reconstructed repeatedly. The Ishikawamon Gate which was rebuilt in 1788, the Sanjikken Nagaya which was rebuilt in 1858, and Tsurumaru Warehouse which was rebuilt in 1848, still remain. All of them have been designated as Japan's important cultural assets.
For several decades, Kanazawa University had its campus on the castle site until the 1990s.
The Hishi-Yagura turret, the Hashizumemon Tsuzuki-Yagura turret, and the Gojikken-Nagaya storehouse are other highlights. These buildings were rebuilt to their original appearance using traditional materials and techniques.
Also, you can enjoy strolling around the Gyokuseninmaru Garden which features a central pond and circular walking path. The garden is illuminated every Friday, Saturday, and day before national holidays, starting after sunset until 9:00 pm.

Address : 1-1 Marunouchi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Access : take a bus from Kanazawa Sta., and get off at Kenrokuen-shita / Kanazawa Castle stop.
Admission : Free
※Enterning Hishiyagura, Gojikken Nagaya, and Hashizumemon Tsuzuki Yagura is required the admission fee. Adult: 320 yen, person of 6 to 17 years old: 100 yen, person of 65 years old or over: Free
Opening Hours:
Mar.1 - Oct.15 7:00~18:00
Oct.16 - end of Feb. 8:00~17:00
※Hishiyagura, Gojikken Nagaya, and Hashizumemon Tsuzuki Yagura 9:00~16:30

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