Ogasawara Islands

Sightseeing information about Ogasawara Islands in Japan.

Ogasawara Islands (Bonin Islands)4.8

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The Ogasawara Islands, located 1000km south of Tokyo, are a tropical paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Liners depart from Takebashi Pier in Tokyo Bay and cruise 25 hours and half to reach this cluster of some 30 islands. The area has a distinctive ecology system and is often called the Galapagos in the East. The islands were listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012.

The long-haul liners arrive at the largest island, Chichijima ('Father Island'). The transparent beach waters extend toward the endless blue ocean, and you can have numerous otherworldly views of multi-colored coral reefs and tropical fish as well as large fish wandering about. You will see a wide variety of plants, animals and birds as you stroll forests and mountains surrounded by the turquoise sea.

The most popular attractions are swimming with wild dolphins and whale watching with encountering likelihood more than 90%. The 2-hour ferry ride takes you the second largest island, Hahajima ('Mother Island'), where you can also enjoy a lot of activities.

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