Izu Shichito Islands

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The Izu Shichito ('seven islands') Islands spread 100km southward into the Pacific from the waters east off the Izu Peninsula. They belong to a group of volcanic islands stretching north-south for about 500km. The classic activities here include snorkeling and sunbathing on the pristine beach and hiking around the mostly dormant volcanoes.

O-shima, the northernmost and the largest of the islands, is the most popular destination for loop driving and onsen soaking around Mount Mihara with its moderate climate throughout the year. This island is also famous for its camellia flowers which can be viewed everywhere from November to March. Miyaka-jima, 60km south of O-shima, has an active volcano and huge virgin forests of box trees and chinquapins.

The islands are administratively part of Tokyo and accessed by ferry from Takabashi Pier in Tokyo Bay or by air from Haneda Airport.

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