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Natadera Temple (Nata-dera)4.1

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An ancient temple, located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, is one of top Shingon sect Buddhism temples in the Hokuriku area. It is said to have been established in 717 by Master Taicho-daishi within a natural cave among the rocky mountain, Mt. Hakusan. In a solemn atmosphere among the mossy prcincts, there are temple buildings including the Honden (main building) which enshrines the Senju-kannon (Eleven-faced Thousand-armed Kannon or Bodhisattva), the Goma-do (Hall of Homa) with engravings of the Chinize zodiac and peonies and the Sanju-no-to (Three-storied Pagoda) which is thatched with cypress bark, many of which are designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan. It is amazing to view the Kigan Yusen-kyo (Enchanted Rock Outcropping), which is accompanied by cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green in early summer, and flaming leaves in autumn. The Japanese garden which was supervised by a famous artist Kobori Enshu and the Shoin (Reception Hall), which was reconstructed in 1637 as a rest house for the lord Toshitsune Maeda, are also must-sees. Inside of the Iwaya (rock cave) in the Honden main building, visitors can experience the Iwaya-tainai-kuguri (Going through the Womb of Rock Cave), which represents the repeating cycle of the death and the reborn. (English) (Japanese)

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Tall cliffs and ancient trees. The buddhist temple built one thousand four hundred years ago was preceded here with ancient Japanese nature worship. You feel here age old Japanese cultural traditions.
Be careful of your lunch because Soba noodles or udon noodles in local shops are the only choices you will have.

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The great temple especially during autumn season, huge parking lots but can get full during weekend of peak autumn.

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I really loved this place🙏😇

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Natadera Temple was established by the great monk Taicho 1300 years ago in the year 717. Visitors to the temple grounds can admire the distinctive and craggy stones and cliffs; volcanic rocks eroded over the millennia by wind and rain. In addition, 7 buildings and sections within Natadera Temple have been designated nationally important cultural properties or sceneries, which ensures their preservation for future generations to enjoy.

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