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Shigure-tei (literally means "house of drizzling rain"), situated in the Kenroku-en Garden, Kanazawa City, was originally built in 1676 as a villa for feudal lords of Kaga Domain. It had been located in front of the current fountain until its destruction at the beginning of the Meiji Period. In 2000, it was restored at its current site. The tatami-mat tearooms inside are open to the public and you can sit in a room watching the Japanese garden and enjoying green tea or Matcha powdered tea with Japanese sweets (cost required).

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5.0a year ago

Lovely and peaceful. We were lucky to go on a rainy day which made the experience extra moody. The matcha and wagashi was really good. Note that if you come here you need to buy an entrance ticket into the Garden too.

5.09 months ago

Nice price for Japanese green tea (would also provide sweets) and a period of time for private scenes!

5.011 months ago

Spectacular tea experience. Get your ticket and sit in the waiting room, looking out over the secluded garden. We felt like the only people there in the busy Kenroku-en park. Matcha was wonderfully frothy and delicious, the confection was very soft and luxurious. Then you get time to enjoy the view over the pond. Very tranquil and magical. Definitely do this if you have the chance in Kenroku-en!

5.03 years ago

It's a place to let you take a break, drink a tea. Relaxing and comfortable

3.02 years ago

For souvenir, its fine.

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