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Sightseeing information about Kurobe Gorge Railway in Japan.

Kurobe Gorge Railway4.3

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The Kurobe Gorge Railway extends about 20km along the V-shaped ravine in the rugged mountains of the Northern Japan Alps. Completed in 1937, originally used to transport materials for an electric utility, the railway connect between Unazuki and Kyakidaira for 80 minutes. The train passes through 22 bridges and 41 tunnels, and you can get off at three stations in between the route.

The main attractions include the 60m-high Atobiki-bashi bridge near Kuronagi Station, and the observation deck to view perpetual snow, 3 minute on foot from Kanetsuri Station. From the Keyakidai terminal, a 20-minute walk takes you to a viewing deck for strange-looking boulders. There are 8 hot spring resorts along the line. The railway is in service from mid-April through November.

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5.06 months ago

I like this train very much.

Soo old school.

But the best part is the scenery.

Magnificent. Beautiful. Gorgeous.

4.08 months ago

Great ride to the top. Worth spending a good hour+ at the top. Fabulous views and pleasently cool going through the tunnels. The relatively long (80 minutes) trip passes in no time in both directions.

5.06 months ago

Amazing scenery and great walks. Well worth a visit.

5.07 months ago

One of the most beautiful sights I have seen in Japan
Not that tourists in september

5.011 months ago

[General Info]
It takes about 80 minutes to go to the destination called Keyakidaira. There are three different classes. The most casual one has bench but no windows on both sides.

[Some Advice]
For those who visit there not in summer, I encourage you to bring a sweater or light kind of coat. I went there in the mid September, but the weather is pretty cool even with two long sleeve shirts.

[Brief History]
The train has originally built to develop a huge dam up in Kurobe river, which is also currently one of the major tourist attraction today.
While the purpose of train was simply to transport the workers through many shallow tunnels, which is made right behind the.long standing cliff, many tourists heard about a fine dynamic scenery, which one can seize only from this train. Then, the company in charge allowed them to ride along, though tourists must take their own risk. Currently the train is divided into the ones for tourism and ones for workers.

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