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Uozu Aquarium (Uozu Suizokukan)2.8

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Uozu Aquarium is situated in the Uozu Comprehensive Park in Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture. There are about 10,000 creatures of about 330 species, focusing those from rivers, coastal areas, and deep-sea life in Toyama, along with rare species from all over the world. At the Deep Sea area you can watch deep sea creatures from the Toyama Bay, including Genge (Eelpouts) and Beni Zuwai-gani (Red queen crab). The Toyama Bay Giant Tank, a 240-ton marine water tank with an underwater tunnel, displays large fish such as Buri (Yellowtail or Japanese amberjack) and Aka-ei (Red stingray), and you can enjoy watching the diver feed them four times a day. There are many more areas on site and attractions offered include Seal and Penguin mealtime demonstrations,the Garra Spa (fish spa), and the Fish Shows where fish do tricks like going through rings. The Touch Pool where visitors can touch starfishes and hermit crabs are popular with children.
Floor guide http://www.uozu-aquarium.jp/guide/ (Japanese)

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1.0a year ago

This review is about Uozu aquarium in Toyama prefecture, Japan.

I'm not a fan of aquariums or zoos but was dragged into this place by my partner. However, this acquarium is worth a review as the creatures confined within are trapped inside particularly small enclosures. It is heartbreaking to view a huge green turtle that has lived alone in its prison tank, that's only twice its size, since 1965. There are also full size adult seals, kept without a pool to swim in, in tiny compartments and penguins all in a tiny tank of water. So, don't expect a seal show as there is no pool.

In Europe, keeping animals in such conditions would be considered animal cruelty and the place would be shutdown. If you do visit, and I beg you not to, be advised that they don't accept credit cards and there is no ATM. The associated restaurant is also second rate and there is nothing for kids to do other than get upset at the conditions the creatures are held in. Let's see if Google allows my honest review to stay on here.

3.02 years ago

It's not newly opened place, but there is variety of fishes and sea lives.
from the deep bottom of sea to penguins. You can see penguins from outside of this aquarium!! and Inside aquarium there is kids playing space for infant and low age children. Some workshop are held at there, i.e) drawing fishes or printing can badges and so on. It's good memory for summer vacation.

4.09 months ago

A small aquarium with the collections of different species of fish. And it’s main attraction is the penguin. It needed to be renovate or to update. Perfect for kidz and family bonding.

5.04 years ago

Great aquarium for young kids. Perfect size and number of exhibits to catch and hold their attention. Fun things to do like feed and touch fish and also let small fish nibble on their fingers which they really got a kick out of. We took the kids twice and they had a great time.

3.02 years ago

The size is small, but we saw various kinds of fish. Noted on my wonder-tips site.

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