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Firefly Squid Museum (Hotaruika Museum)3.7

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A hands-on museum located on the site of the Roadside Station Wave Park Namerikawa, in Namerikawa City, Toyama Prefecture. In this small museum you can have fun learning about of Hotaruika (Firefly squid, Toyama squid or luminescent squid) and other deep sea creatures including shrimps, crabs and giant isopods. From March 20th to May 31st of every year, you can see the luminous lights show of live firefly squids at the Live Show Theater, along with video introduction of the squids of the world. From June to March 19th, the theater provides lights emitting image of firefly squid by LED lights and by luminous plankton called Ryugu Hotaru (fireflies of Ryugu the Sea God). From the panoramic restaurant on the upper floor you can view the Toyama Bay. Souvenirs such as processed seafood are available at the shop. (English)
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5.09 months ago

Really interesting place. Explains the history of the area and how the firefly squid has been an important part of the area.

5.08 months ago

The best season is from April until early May. You cannot see squids lighting show in the other season. 1 or 2 hour is enough to see.

4.02 years ago

Visit this place for the firefly squids. There is an area where you get to touch and hold the squids and crabs. There is a show where we get to see the squids glow in the dark, which was amazing. Other than that, it is a small museum with little explanations in English.

5.02 years ago

We went on Tuesday, the day it is normally closed. For the firefly squid season, it is open. My advice, go on Tuesday if you are there during the firefly squid in season (March to early June). Less crowded as not many people know that it is open.
You get to see the flowing squid in the theatre in total darkness after watching a short video. No video or photography allowed in the theatre.
You also get to play with the firefly squid. They provide a few basins of them in a round big pool.

4.02 years ago

Due to weather conditions, our boat ride was cancelled. However, they made up for it by offering a free museum visit (touching the firefly squid and you get to eat one too!), video, and pictures (those touristy professional ones).

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