Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Sightseeing information about Oedo Onsen Monogatari in Japan.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari4.9

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Oedo Onsen Monogatari is a hot spring theme park in the Odaba area. The theme park features street scenes from the Edo period, enabling you to soak up the atmosphere of good old days. One strict rule is that you wear yukata (light kimono) while staying outside the bath area. There are 19 different yukata designs to choose from, and each of them will help you transport into the bygone era.

A variety of baths are available - outdoor, sand, rock salt and foot baths - and you can relax in many different eateries and squares. This is a good place for couples and families as males and females can spend time together in most areas. Accommodation is also available for an overnight stay.

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5.02 weeks ago

An onsen themed park with many food, drinks and games stalls built into the park. It has many pools and an outdoor area for foot spa. The food here is great and portion is good too. You can spend half a day here and be well rested and entertained. Good for groups and couples to come. The spa is sodium chloride water and there are 4 types of pool. The less hot, the more hot, the cold and the outdoors. There is a steam sauna and a jacuzzi in there too. You can spend an hour in there to recover from your tiredness and stress. After that you can enjoy yourselves with the many restaurants and games stalls around. The staff here are all English friendly and very hospitable. A 5 star experience for me.

5.0a month ago

We went here for New Years Eve five years ago and had a blast. Went back again yesterday and it was just as great. Definitely less crowded in the day time. The food is decent, the areas well maintained. There is also a hotel upstairs. Perhaps we'll try that next

5.03 weeks ago

Pretty good place to chill! The hot baths are good to enjoy and relax. After soaking, you will feel tired and ready to sleep!
You can even bring your laptop and just hang here all day, there's some arcade games like Mario kart and a lounge for watching TV.

Beware though, it gets pretty busy on the weekends! If you do come weekend, it's best to come early around 1pm or 3pm. Evening will definitely be a long line!

5.03 weeks ago

This place is great. So it’s a big indoor replica of edo period and spa. No need to carry cash or card after you change into your kimono because your wrist band has a bar code to charge everything. The whole thing is easy and hassle free. There are games and lots of restaurants inside which means you can spend the whole day going in and out of the baths, sauna, and massages while spending the day with your special someone. Overall I will come back here with my kids now that my wife and I went as it is an amazing experience.

5.02 weeks ago

I could spend a whole day here. Family had a lot of fun soaking in the spas, eating, playing historical games, eating and in the mini arcade. Lots of variety of things to eat. There is a fairly room and TV rooms to get away if you need. Yukata rental included and you pay for everything when you leave.

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