Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Sightseeing information about Oedo Onsen Monogatari in Japan.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari4.9

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Oedo Onsen Monogatari is a hot spring theme park in the Odaba area. The theme park features street scenes from the Edo period, enabling you to soak up the atmosphere of good old days. One strict rule is that you wear yukata (light kimono) while staying outside the bath area. There are 19 different yukata designs to choose from, and each of them will help you transport into the bygone era.

A variety of baths are available - outdoor, sand, rock salt and foot baths - and you can relax in many different eateries and squares. This is a good place for couples and families as males and females can spend time together in most areas. Accommodation is also available for an overnight stay.

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5.0a month ago

Great place to relax.

Female only bathing area very quiet and lots of different areas to relax. Personal favourite was the bubble beds. Being from the UK and not used to process it would be good to note you need to remove robe and underwear in the female only locker room just before you enter the bathing room, no towels to be taken in either. Make sure when you enter any of the baths you use the water fountain to wash your body. It is a very respectful environment. No need for swimwear.

If you get too hot there is a cold bath next to saunas.

I paid extra for the heated sauna. It's a great thing to do if you want a quiet area to lie down and read/sleep.

Food was nice, nothing special although lots of variety.

Please note when you leave there may well be a large queue to pay, if you are catching public transport ensure you leave enough time. I needed at least 30mins.

5.0a month ago

Wow. Just wow. Spend a day here. Fun things for the kids or a great date for the adults. Food, drink. But best of all a great massage, a relaxing day in the hot tubs and sauna, and fish food therapy. For not much money. Come out relaxed and rejuvenated. Especially after a few days of walking up stairs to see shrines and temples!

5.0in the last week

Nice onsen to visit in Tokyo. Interior gives off a traditional vibe, very nice place. I only went to the foot spa and the food court. My husband did the baths and he said it was very relaxing. Definitely recommend you give this place a visit if you're in the area. You can make a day out of it as there's other points to visit in the area as well.

5.03 weeks ago

I love this place! Great destination in Tokyo and not so far away from a monorail station. Nice hot springs and relaxing indoor carnival. Great restaurants with great food 👍, and has parking space. And trust me, the onsens are beautiful.

4.02 weeks ago

Nice onsen place to spend for half day! The interior design is the concept of the tradition Japanese village with a small night market which allow people to experience and some food stalls to enjoy the local food! Overall, I would recommend to come but be careful of how much you will spend as food and games aren’t too cheap!

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