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Shomyo Falls (Shomyo-daki)2.6

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Shomyo-daki, located in the town of Tateyama, Toyama Prefecture, is known to be the tallest waterfall in Japan. The total drop of 350m (1148ft) is divided into four tiers: 70m (230ft), 58m(190ft), 96m (315ft) and 126m (413ft) from the top to the bottom, respectively. Its plunge pool with emerald green water is 6m (19.7ft) deep and 60m (197ft) in diameter.
The water of this huge waterfall, which flows from the Midagahara Plateau, maximize its volume in spring when snow thaws. The waterfall is named Shomyo (Buddha's Name) because it is said that a Buddhist saint, Honen (1133-1212), once heard a Shomyo-Nenbutsu (Invocation of the Buddha's name) through the roaring sound of the waterfall. Designated as one of Japan's Places of Scenic Beauty and a Natural Monument of Japan.

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5.0a week ago

Just beautiful, just the sound of the water crashing is enough to make you happy!

5.04 months ago

Just an amazing place to behold. A short walk up from the parking lot but so worth it. Just go!

5.0a year ago

Japan’s Highest Falls. A nice stop for a quick get away stress reliever from the chaotic city. A very relaxing sound from the gushing of water falling down the mountain.

5.02 years ago

It is the highest waterfall in Japan with a height of 350m. There is an excellent view from the bridge crossing over the river.
If you go at the right time, you can see amazing rainbows (primary and secondary rainbows) because of the spray from the falls.

Experiencing the chilling spray from the waterfall is also an amazing experience. On the whole, it is an excellent place to visit and understand nature.

There is another waterfall beside it which is around 400 m, but, because it takes very less water down (and may not be there throughout the year), it is not considered as a proper waterfall. Otherwise, it would have been the highest waterfall!

3.03 years ago

Great - just not on a stinking hot sunny day like today - started out 7C on top of the mountain, then by midday in mid-May it was blazing hot like 30C walking from the car park (free parking for our rental car) on the 30 minute hike uphill to the falls. A sign for the walk promised regular seating rest stops - we found none. A little shade would have helped - there was scant. We almost expired and my partner wanted to quit before we got very far. Once we got to the top of the hill and saw it only like another km in the burning sun with no shade we said forget it and turned around. So park people - if you're gonna make people walk 30 minutes and promise them rest stops - please do so AND provide some shade as we quit before we had a heart attack on a hot day.

Oh yeah the falls you get a view of on the bus to Murodo/Alpine Route/Snow Corridor - so unless it's a nice day and you feel like walking 30 minutes uphill in no shade - and another 30 minutes back - I'd say skip it.

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