Sightseeing information about Murodo in Japan.


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In the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, this point is the highest at 2450m. The famous snow walls flanking the bus road, as tall as 20m, are located here, and you can command a great view of mountains standing at 3000m or higher. There are various hiking trails to enjoy the nature and scenery.

One trail goes around Mikuri-ga-ike pond where there is an inn with a small restaurant and Japan's highest hot spring. Another leads you to a valley with rising steam, a spring with pristine water, and Japan's oldest mountain lodge dating back to the 18th century. You may encounter some grouses, a bird registered as a Special Natural Monument.

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5.03 months ago

Place was beautiful, serene with blue skies and white snow blanketing the mountains.

3.02 weeks ago

Not much food on this station.

5.012 months ago

Highest terminal in Japan, beautiful scenery, kind people, great omiyage!

3.09 months ago

Strong snow in this timing.

4.03 weeks ago


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