Lake Arimine

Sightseeing information about Lake Arimine in Japan.

Lake Arimine (Arimine-ko)3.3

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An artificial lake built upon the River Wada-gawa, which is a branch of the River Joganji-gawa in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture. This dam lake and surrounding primeval forest area is maintained as the Arimine Shinrin Bunka-mura (Arimine Forest Cultural Village) with five promenades in the natural forests of Buna (Japanese beech) and Mizunara (Mongolian oak) where you can enjoy nature watching and viewing Mt.Yakushi-dake from the lakeside to the east. There is also the Arimine Visitor Center, which introduces the surrounding nature and history, along with the Arimine Memorial Hall with a restaurant, and the mountain hut-style accommodation, Arimine House.
Guide map (Japanese)
Arimine House (Japanese)
where you can see Yakushidake to the east from the lakeside.)

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