Sightseeing information about Midagahara in Japan.


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Midagahara is a flat snow-patch grassland spreading over the western slopes of the Tateyama mountain range. The plateau, 4km east-west and 2km north-south, is a gently inclined lava highland, and a toll bus road penetrates as part of the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route. Located around 2,000m in height with heavy snowfall, the area is covered with snow until early July, but streams and marshlands are formed in summer and autumn.

There is an observation deck to view a caldera lake 500m south from the bus station. A 2-hour loop trail in the north takes you to the marshland with alpine plants and hundreds of shallow ponds, with occasional songs of cuckoos. Words cannot describe the beauty of red foliage in mid-September. The surrounding mountain slopes are dotted with subarctic coniferous trees.

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5.07 months ago

Great for hiking and sightseeing, but remember check you watch and timetable about the last connecting commute

5.06 months ago

Great place to do some easy and some long walks

5.08 months ago

It took 30 mins from Murododaira to Midagahara by Express bus. The boardwalk was flat and it was well maintained. We enjoyed one and a half walk. Noted on wonder-tips.

5.02 years ago

This is a good place to make a stop on the Alpine Route - while the other places focus on the vertical with all the striking mountains, this place offers different scenery in the form of silent and untouched marshlands that extend very far out. There are some elevated walkways so you don't have to worry about footwear.

Spent about 50 mins here (got off the bus, wrote down name for the next one, walked out halfway then made it back just in time).

5.02 years ago

great for hiking

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