Meiken Hot Spring

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Meiken Hot Spring (Meiken Onsen)2.5

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A secluded hot spring in Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture. From the Keyakidaira Station of Kurobe Kyokoku Tetsudo (Kurobe Gorge Railway), you can get to the inn, Meiken Onsen Ryokan, by crossing the Okukane Bridge on foot, following the trail and passing under the overhanging Hitokui-iwa (Man Eating Rock). Being situated on the cliff of the left bank of the Babadani-gawa River, you can have a magnificent view of the Northern Alps from its open-air bath. The spring quality is simple sulfur spring that is colorless and transparent, and is effective for neuralgia and muscle pain. (Japanese)
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5.05 months ago

We stopped here to warm us up after taking the Kurobe gorge train uphill (we arrived a bit late and had no other option than taking a seat in the open sided cars - so we were freezing when we arrived in Keyakidaira). The onsen at Meiken Onsen managed to warm us up and put us back on track to continue the trail. The onsen itself is outdoor and quite rustic but it does the trick

4.0a year ago

Saw it when I pass by this area. I guest it a nice onsen with an open view of the river and with local food serve.

5.09 months ago

Dinner and breakfast were superb. Great hospitality.

4.02 years ago

Rotenburo or open air bath is pleasant with view of river. It will cost you 600yen. Food here is ordinary and nothing special, but expensive.

4.02 years ago

I really liked the onsen here (didn't try the food), but I'll write this review for the cautious/inexperienced with such small countryside onsen.

The onsen here is definitely not for the shy - the shower and bathing area can be seen from the hiking path, although at a distance and even though there's a bit of protective greenery. I think it could also be possible to see the bathing area from the restaurant. The infrastructure is also fairly little. You can leave the backpack at the front desk, as there's only enough space for the clothes in the changing area, which consists of a mirror and some baskets, nothing else. Then the washing area is directly next to the tub and features soap but no shower, just buckets, spring water and small washing benches/chairs. The tub itself is quite nice, but you can't see the river from within. However, outside of the tub, you have quite a great view! So undress, wash, immerse, heat up and then stand outside and enjoy the view - repeat the last two steps 2-3 times, then dry and dress again.

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