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Sarutobi Sanso Inn2.5

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The hot spring inn, situated close to the entrance of the Sarutobi-kyo Promenade, also provide day spa for visitors. There is a restaurant with the magnificent view of the River Kurobe-gawa and you can enjoy dishes with local foods such as freshwater fish or edible wild plants (Sansai). Iwana Teishoku, a set meal with salt-grilled Iwana (char) fish and a small bowl of Sansai is highly recommended. It also offers Onsen-tamago soba (soba noodle with a hot spring soft boiled egg).

Purposehot springs,autumn foliage,an eating tour
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4.02 years ago

A place hidden at the valley. We had set menu with grilled local fish and vegetable. It was tasty and special.

5.02 years ago

What a beautiful location surround with mountains.

4.02 months ago

It is a simple sulfur spring that flows directly from the source! It was the best ✨
I didn't have a thermometer, but I think it's about 44 degrees Celsius. It may be good for those who like heat 😃
It warms up quickly, so it's better to warm your body by going in and out of the bathtub.
There was body soap and conditioner. I didn't have shampoo for some reason ... 💧
Since there is only one washing place, it may be difficult to wash the whole body ...

4.06 months ago

I took a day trip to heal my tiredness
Normally it is 770 yen, but I corrected it and put it in for 500 yen
Only the open-air bath is small
The body was healed
I took a bath with my mask on and I got hot flashes
Only the underwear is exchanged and it is refreshing
If time permits, please come
This is the first post
How nice

4.0a year ago

It is a mountain hut along the river down the stairs from Keyakidaira station. There is a hot spring and you can enter for a fee. There is also a restaurant in the mountain lodge where you can eat rock fish caught in the river.

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