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This former imperial villa is located along the west side of the Katsura River in western Kyoto. Built in the 17th century by an imperial family, this villa is a pure Japanese-styled structure surrounded with an expansive 7-hectare stroll garden. Bruno Taut praised highly of this structure on his visit in 1933, making this spot internationally well-known.

There are teahouses and the large pond with five islets connected by various types of bridges, and the surrounding garden is meticulously manicured. The villa and garden can be viewed only on tours, four times a day, held by the Imperial Household Agency. Making a reservation can be a little bit of a hassle, but this place is worth a visit when you have longer time in Kyoto.

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5.02 months ago

Beautiful gardens, every tree and stone was selected for a purpose. A wonderful experience with a English speaking tour guide. You need to reserve your visit in advance.

5.03 weeks ago

Amazing. How does the Japanese Emperor live? He lives in a garden. And in that garden there are wooden pavilions.

4.02 months ago

Very interesting experience, beautiful garden and great architecture, but the English audioguide is clearly a short summary of whatever the human guide is telling the Japanese audience.

5.02 months ago

Wonderful place, a manmade heaven on earth. Beauty everywhere one looks, loved the place.

5.03 months ago

The Katsura Imperial Villa is a must when visiting Japan. Gardens are completely beautiful, you can have a deep dive in how the emperadors enjoyed nature. The Villa’s architecture is so smart and delicate. The tour takes less than 1 hour and reservation is requiered to visit the Villa.

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