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Sanrio Puroland4.4

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Japan's first all-weather, indoor theme park, Sanrio Puroland in Tama city is the place you can meet Hello Kitty and other cute characters of Sanrio. The most popular is "Kitty's House" where you can peep at Kitty's dreamlike room any girl fancies for. If you visit on your birthday or in the month of your special anniversary, you will be celebrated by many of Sanrio characters.

There are live shows and events with visitors' participation, and you can purchase character merchandise only available here. Events change from season to season to your enjoyment. You will absolutely gloat over gorgeous moments to your satisfaction.

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5.0a week ago

This place is highly recommended if you love Hello Kitty, Sanrio or just anything cute. Clearly my photos do not do this place justice but all the interior of this place is absolutely well thought out and adorable.
Although the this place is recommended for families with small children. I absolutely loved this place and spent the whole day there just looking at all the characters, attractions, food and merchandise.
Please note that this place is not an amusement park but mostly a “theme” park to honour everything Sanrio and give you a chance into their world and meet all the characters!

4.0in the last week

This is a super cute place, especially if you love Sanrio. There aren’t a lot of rides and the lines for the few that there are were very long (50+ minutes). We love Gudetama so we stood in line for that experience. It was a lot of fun and worth the wait. There’s so many photo opportunities, shops and several places to eat. Try to go on a day that is less busy to get the full experience, also buy your tickets online for the best discount price. We will be coming back during the holidays.

5.0in the last week

Wow, cuteness on steroids!! Very crowed but clean. Arranged in sections by character. Fabulous live performance shows, sadly We could not understand the words spoken because all in Japanese but able to understand the overall story because of choreography and emotions. Also, multiple options for food and drink refreshments, vending and restaurants available.

5.0a month ago

Me and my fiance both young adults in our mid 20s actually enjoyed this place. We were hesitant that this place would be to "kiddy" for us, but boy were we wrong! The tree area inside is just absolutely amazing. All the little details that they have put into this park.

We will definitely be returning here hopefully with a little one in the future. If you are visiting Japan you must visit the home of Japans most notable character!

4.0a week ago

This is a Sanrio version of Disneyland but much smaller. Great if you have small kids or love Hello Kitty and characters. I think a few hours is enough here. Don't need the whole day, and if you come at 2pm the tickets are discounted since the place closes early at 5pm.

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