Byodoin Temple

Sightseeing information about Byodoin Temple in Japan.

World Heritage: Byodoin Temple (Phoenix Hall)4.8

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Byodoin Temple has the Phoenix Hall, one of the few original wooden buildings dating from 11th century. As the phoenix was revered as a protector of Buddhism, the hall sitting on a pond was made to resemble the shape of the bird and houses the famed Amida Buddha. The hall is featured on the reverse side of the 10 yen coin.

The attached museum offers high-quality exhibition and a huge pergola of wisteria near the entrance area is a must see. Uji is known for the production of green tea and there are an array of shops selling tea-related items on the street leading to the temple.

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5.09 months ago

This place blew me away. It's simple beauty and peaceful surrounds make it well worth it. However, I was lucky enough to go there without the crowds--that will definitely alter your experience.

The museum is informative and contains the original artifacts, so even if you don't take the short tour into the Phoenix Hall, you can learn a lot and appreciate the history of the place.

Follow it up with some fantastic Uji green tea.

5.0a month ago

Nice and quiet in the afternoons, during a week day. Perhaps the best time to visit and avoid huge crowds. There's still over an hour's wait, if you wish to view the inside.
I was more than happy to just walk around the outside of it, surrounded by the water and the beautiful trees.

5.0a year ago

Charming temple with the nice museum. Very peaceful and unwind place. The highlight is the red temple in the pond. The visitors require to pay extra and it’s limited per round. No photo shoot allows inside the museum. The exhibition inside and the light decoration are amazing.

4.0a year ago

The museum was great. If you use your phone to read QR codes, you can get the information in English. There is also an introductory video with English subtitles. Interesting history of this temple!

5.0a year ago

This one was one of my favourites. Everything is amazing. Not many tourists go to uji, and it is so magical. This temple is really big, you can even go inside which I totally recommend. It is a really peaceful place, full of nature. Don't miss it!!!

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