Shimogamo Shrine

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World Heritage: Shimogamo Shrine4.6

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This shrine dates back to the 8th century and is located in the primitive forest in the fork of the Kamo Rive and the Takano River. It enshrines the god of harvest, and pure waters were originally drawn from the nearby rivers for ceremonies and purification. The approach penetrating the Tadasu-no-mori forest is known to be a power spot in Kyoto, where you experience a laid-back stroll in the bracing atmosphere.

This shrine is coupled with Kamigamo Shrine, standing upsteam alongside the Kamo River. The horseback archery ritual is held on January 4th to offer a feel of graceful, ancient Kyoto, and Aoi Festival celebrated on May 15th by both shrines is one of Kyoto's Three Festivals. There is a subshrine dedicated to the god of matchmaking, attracting a lot of couples. Don't forget to taste 'mitarashi dango', a stick of 5 rice dumplings, as the shrine is considered its birthplace.

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5.0a month ago

We came here by chance by riding bikes from Kyoto Station all the way to here. It was worthwhile and we really enjoyed this place. Full of history and niceties.

No garbage bins around.

5.04 months ago

Nice place! I found it less crowded than other Kyoto attractions and it was nice for a couple of pictures.

We went in the middle of the day on a thursday and it was pretty quiet. There were lots of school children from other towns that like to ask you questions in english and tell you about their towns. Very cute!

5.04 months ago

Another UNESCO World Heritage site in Kyoto, Shimogamo Jinja is a must visit for wine lovers (particularly Sake) there are a lot of sake donations here that you might find interesting. Aside from that this place is also ideal for nature lovers as it is surrounded by large trees, springs, and is near Kamo River.

5.05 months ago

This a really nice place, pretty big and beautiful
The whole walk is nice and peaceful when it’s not too crowded, highly recommend

5.03 months ago

Nice old shrine. Lots to look at.

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