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World Heritage: Shimogamo Shrine4.6

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This shrine dates back to the 8th century and is located in the primitive forest in the fork of the Kamo Rive and the Takano River. It enshrines the god of harvest, and pure waters were originally drawn from the nearby rivers for ceremonies and purification. The approach penetrating the Tadasu-no-mori forest is known to be a power spot in Kyoto, where you experience a laid-back stroll in the bracing atmosphere.

This shrine is coupled with Kamigamo Shrine, standing upsteam alongside the Kamo River. The horseback archery ritual is held on January 4th to offer a feel of graceful, ancient Kyoto, and Aoi Festival celebrated on May 15th by both shrines is one of Kyoto's Three Festivals. There is a subshrine dedicated to the god of matchmaking, attracting a lot of couples. Don't forget to taste 'mitarashi dango', a stick of 5 rice dumplings, as the shrine is considered its birthplace.

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5.0in the last week

This place deserves the hype it gets from other posts. It really has that old school shrine feel. You can also do things like, get different types of fortunes, ring the bell for prayer, and wash the uncleanliness away spiritually. I happened to go while a wedding shoot was taking place and got to see some traditional wedding outfits. The scenery was beautiful.

5.0a week ago

Another World Heritage site that should be on your Kyoto bucket list! Impressive vermillion gate and a beautiful garden, the whole area is home to several lovely shrines. Beautiful during all seasons in my opinion, even though I love autumn and winter best as the gate and shrine buildings look even more beautiful with autumn foliage or covered in snow

5.0a month ago

Really enjoy visit here, a shrine with a distance from the city.
There is a river inside the area, which is nice to take pictures.
White balloons in my photos are due to there event at night, they’ll light up the shrine. I missed it though.

4.03 months ago

Historic site that is set in a lovely forest setting. There had just been a wedding celebration and as we were walking along the long path to the shrine a large number of people were leaving. There is a large plaque at the entrance in both Japanese and English but unfortunately there was no more of the details available in English that I could find. I understand there is some kind of archery activities that take place on horseback along the long path but couldn't find anything out about it.

5.06 months ago

V recommend to come here as it’s a v nice walk through the whole area. Beautiful place with nice landscape and there is a small water place where one can buy a fortune paper n soak it to read your fortune. There is a temple for beauty where gals will draw pic on the mirror shaped wood plank and wish for beauty . It’s actually free entry. Plus u can walk to a river where it’s calm n wonderful to just see the ducks n birds enjoying themselves. Walk across the river via the stones. There is a shop that sell a charm with beautiful sound which this is a first time to see.

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