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World Heritage: Yakushiji Temple4.4

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The western part of Nara City is home to several grand temples listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of them, Yakushiji Temple, was founded in the late 7th century by an emperor to pray for the recovery of his wife. Among highlights are two 3-story pagodas, one located in the east and the other in the west. The east pagoda, standing at 34.1m, is the only original building, giving us a glimpse of construction style of the Asuka period (645-710).

After visiting the main hall, it is recommended to head to the Oike pond to take in a view of beautiful 3-story pagodas against the backdrop of Mount Wakakusa-yama. This will give you a sense of space surrounding the ancient capital city and a feeling of cleaning of the heart and soul. The east pagoda is currently under renovation until 2018.

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5.03 months ago

10 minutes walk from both Kintetsu Nishi no kyo station and Toshodai ji temple. Large ancient building will make you feel good. You can find some staffs related to Theravada Buddhism. Buddha statue here is very sacred.

4.0a year ago

4 Stars only because the older of the two pagodas is completely covered as it undergoing restoration/repairs (yes, the world revolves around me). Yakushiji takes a little more effort to get to, as it is off the main line, but once you're at the nearest train station, it is close. Great place to visit with plenty of historical statues.

5.03 weeks ago

Nice place

5.02 years ago

I missed the chance to pray to Medicine Buddha, hope got the chance to go again. Namo Shakyamuni Buddha

5.04 years ago

The Yakushi-ji Temple is split into two parts with a small road in between, such is its size. It is made up of quite a number of buildings including pagodas, halls, and an old learning centre. There is debate about exactly when it was built but it was either in the seventh of eighth century. Only one of the buildings – the East Pagoda – is completely original. The others have been reconstructed after being damaged or destroyed by fire. Yakushi-ji is considered to be one of the most famous imperial temples in the whole country.

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