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The western part of Nara City is home to several grand temples listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of them, Yakushiji Temple, was founded in the late 7th century by an emperor to pray for the recovery of his wife. Among highlights are two 3-story pagodas, one located in the east and the other in the west. The east pagoda, standing at 34.1m, is the only original building, giving us a glimpse of construction style of the Asuka period (645-710).

After visiting the main hall, it is recommended to head to the Oike pond to take in a view of beautiful 3-story pagodas against the backdrop of Mount Wakakusa-yama. This will give you a sense of space surrounding the ancient capital city and a feeling of cleaning of the heart and soul. The east pagoda is currently under renovation until 2018.

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5.0a week ago

beautiful…!Golden Buddha, Yakushi Nyorai is very beautiful...so,I want to go for everyone.

4.05 months ago

Yakushiji Temple was relocated in 718 and has been renovated several times since 1967. Noted on my wonder-tips site.

5.06 months ago

Whoa! Big and empty, save for school children and elders. Definitely a place that tourists miss on their way to the tourism centers of Nara. Give this place a look see if you can spare the time, they have an impressive sized Miroku (medicine buddha) image on display.

5.07 months ago

Peace land! Yakushi-ji (薬師寺) is one of the most famous imperial and ancient Buddhist temples in Japan, that was once one of the Seven Great Temples of Nanto, located in Nara. The temple is the headquarters of the Hossō school of Japanese Buddhism. Yakushi-ji is one of the sites that are collectively inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, under the name of "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara."[1]

5.0in the last week

very beautiful

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