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Muroji, in the mountains of eastern Nara Prefecture, is a temple of the Shingon sect of Buddhism built in the 9th century. Unlike others Shingon temples, including the one headquartered at Koyasan, Muroji never excluded female worshippers, thus referred to as "Women's Koyasan". This area was considered a holy place, and when an emperor became ill in the 8th century, priests were sent here to pray for his recovery.

The complex has a number of national treasures and important cultural properties, including the wooden-shingled Kondo Hall that houses numerous wooden Buddhist statues. The 16m-high, five-story pagoda was severely damaged in the typhoon in 1998 but has been restored.

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5.011 months ago

Murouji Temple

It is a temple belonging to Omoto school (Shingon Buddhism) built around 793.

Unlike many temples of the time, Murō-ji was opened to females. For that reason, the temple is also called Mount Kōya for women.

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3.02 years ago

It has a beautiful landscape.

5.02 years ago

Unlike Nara and Kyoto, quiet and beautiful

4.03 years ago

Muro-ji is buddhist temples it has origin of the 8th century. There is a bus line connect from Muro-ji-guti Ono station (Kintesu line) to this temple.
Location, it’s surrounded in silent valley and forest. The wooden temple and status are taken aging on flow of the time. Rusty and faded color with grace make us calm and have a great experience in all season. also if you know photographer Ken Domon , you’ll have more impression at this place.

5.04 years ago

This place was incredible at night. Seeing the lit autumn leaves in the freezing temps!

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