Hoshino Resort Tomamu

Sightseeing information about Hoshino Resort Tomamu in Japan.

Hoshino Resort Tomamu4.2

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Hoshono Resort Tomamu is a 1,000-hectar comprehensive, year-round resort. There are all the activities and facilities you can enjoy including, hot air balloons, swimming pools, skiing, a variety of spas, and towering hotels and condominiums. This is the place to enjoy the great nature and scenery, and "the sea of clouds" in the early morning is an awesome phenomenon.

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4.0a week ago

Nice hotel with Mountain View. Room are clean and comfort. However, facility such as hot bath and pool are far apart from resort and you have to wait 15 min+ for shuttle bus. So happen we were staying in hotel Tomamu during sept 2018 strongest Hokkaido earthquake and thank God the resort have their own power generation despite the other area of Hokkaido are in blackout. We have to extend our stay as the transport system is jeopardize but we were given room only at 10pm.

3.05 months ago

Our feeling towards Hoshino Resort Tomamu is mixed. I would rate our stay at the resort 3 to 4*.

We appreciated the beautiful environment and landscape, friendly and helpful staff and the big windows in our room. But our room is quite dated and dusty. According to the website, our room was re-renovated about 1-2 year(s) ago but this information is only partly correct -- the resort did not fully re-renovate its guest rooms, some of the facilities (in particular the bathroom) in our room are still old and look not clean.

The resort is also crowded with foreign visitors (sorry I am one of them!). Apparently, the resort has no sufficient capacity, in terms of facilities and manpower, to receive so many guests at a time. The new site for restaurants is beautiful but it not fully wheelchair accessible. But there were no sufficient warnings / reminders to wheelchair users.

I enjoyed my stay. But you will be disappointed if you expect Hoshino Resort Tomamu a luxury place to stay.

2.03 months ago

Front desk is great.

Went to ask the info desk person something, shakes his head and points me to the front desk. I understand if he doesn't understand English that much, but he DIDN'T even try.

After dinner, you might want to hang around downstairs a little longer because you will end up waiting for the elevator to go back to your room for a long time anyways.

Value for the dollar? Not really.

The chair lift was closed due to weather, couldn't see the sea of clouds. ( not the reason I am giving two stars )

Next time if there is a chance, will go up there try to see the seas of cloud again. But won't be staying in this hotel.

5.02 months ago

Beautiful property. Awesome staff and service. Spacious & clean room. Abundant & Delicious food options. Loved the little details (welcome drink, popsicles, roasting marshmallows outdoors at night). Excellent private bus service. Plenty of activity options (Awesome Mina-mina Indoor beach, tree climb, night safari ride, self-kart, small animal enclosure etc)

5.05 months ago

Fantastic ski resort. Indoor beach. Decent enough restaurants. Fun lunch spots on the slopes.
I’ve NEVER experienced any long ski lift lines here and the skiing is the best I’ve had in Japan. Not terribly challenging but wide open mostly empty slopes make for a great time. Not to mention they allow off piste.