Hoshino Resort Tomamu

Sightseeing information about Hoshino Resort Tomamu in Japan.

Hoshino Resort Tomamu4.2

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Hoshono Resort Tomamu is a 1,000-hectar comprehensive, year-round resort. There are all the activities and facilities you can enjoy including, hot air balloons, swimming pools, skiing, a variety of spas, and towering hotels and condominiums. This is the place to enjoy the great nature and scenery, and "the sea of clouds" in the early morning is an awesome phenomenon.

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1.04 weeks ago

This review may be biased because of the unacceptable danger placed on my wife and our unborn child and downright bad/rude service received during our stay.

The Basics = Terrible
1) Room: Hot/Torture/Prison:
- Cannot open window or control room temperature so had to leave the door open
- Written notice to keep the shade closed(because the sunlight will heat up the room....)

2) Bed/Furniture: Uncomfortable/Barely Tolerable (after a few drinks to help)
-Bed Springs are the worst I’ve experienced since off-highway motels back in the 1990s + overall furniture need refurbishing

3) Bathroom: Loud/Tolerable
-Loud noises from the sink/shower/toilet with squeaky bathtub floors and cracked walls

The Details = Dangerous
It’s frigid and my pregnant wife is in tears because she is in pain and cannot stand up. The help that arrives is not the stretcher or golf-cart to help her down the dark unlit hill but a staff of 3, carrying a blanket. I’m relieved for a second, mistakenly believing that the blanket is to keep her warm…

To my horror, they say we’re going to carry her down Aladdin carpet style while my 7-month pregnant wife clings to the sides. I still remember one of the female staff’s wrists shaking to maintain her grip on the blanket, the only thing preventing my wife and unborn child from falling down the hill.
(I believe the staff was genuinely trying to help/acting in good faith, and they have my gratitude for that…)

Looking back, I should have said no. My pregnant wife, with our unborn child, had been shivering on the dark outdoor steps for 20 minutes, but I still should have said no and that is on me….

“Why was the path to their only event so dark and without any staff insight?”
“Why was the emergency response for my pregnant wife falling down the outdoors stairs on hotel grounds, a staff of 3 and a blanket to carry her?”

Some of the questions I wanted to ask management but was unable to because my request for an English-speaking staff was acknowledged then forgotten.

We were able to communicate our frustration/pain(wife speaks fluent Japanese) in the morning and the assistant-manager apologized very formally but was very clear on the hotel policies which I now understand as “you’re on your own.”

Not only was there no compensation, there was no support or empathy of any kind from management which adds insult to anger.

Our vacation was obviously ruined but more importantly, my wife can still barely walk(over a month of rehab/acupuncture) because we decided to try their outdoor event at night, because we decided to stay at Tomamu.

Strongly Discouraged, period.

4.0in the last week

Ski resort. Big room. Limited cheap food choices.

4.0a week ago

Beautiful place in the winter. Like that they provide quality toiletries from Pola & DHC. Very tourist friendly place.

Breakfast from Cafe & Bar comes in limited quantities, 50 sets per day. Love the jiggly pancake.

Soup curry restaurant is always packed, so go early to avoid disappointment as dishes that are exclusive in Tomamu could be sold out by evening.

The only convenience store in the resort sells exotic canned food - Bear meat and deer meat.

Only thing to note is to bring enough cash. They do not accept credit cards here. Cash or Wechat or Alipay only. ATM is available in case you run out of cash.

1.02 weeks ago

2 star Hotel at 6 star price.

👎Doesn't provide any bottled water in the room.
👎Attractions and activities are mostly closed when I reach here.
👎Ice Village is not opened during the time I am here.
👎 Activities are ruin by the wet weather.
👎Inhouse restaurant are exorbitant and average.
👎No fast food nor any 7eleven available in wee house.
👎Basically after 7pm you have nowhere to go except staying in ur Hotel rm.
👎Old n aging room
👎Noisey taps and I can hear footstep running up n down in my room.

Don't bother to come here in December. Waste of time and money. Really not recommanded unless u are here for skiing.

3.02 weeks ago

The resort ambiance was good, the food are great. We are staying at tower hotel please do something about the elevator. It is impossible buildings with more then 30 floor with only 3 elevators. That was the main problem the others we think Ok. It is more suitable for couples, family with teenagers and group of friends. Family with young children not to recommended especially if not playing ski. The ice villages and mina mina beach was the best parts for our trip, if you had tatoos you must cover it in order to swimms. 👍🏼