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World Heritage: Toshodaiji Temple4.8

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Toshodaiji was built in the year 759 by the Chinese priest Ganjin, who was invited by the emperor to improve Japanese Buddhism. A wooden statue of Ganjin quietly sits in the north building, his face beautifully gleaming in meditation.

The Kondo (Golden Hall), reopened to public in 2009 after 10 years of renovation, is a national treasure and houses an amazing Senju (1,000 arms) Kannon image. Senju Kannon statues usually have only dozens of arms, but the one you see here really has 1,000 arms!

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4.02 weeks ago

Toshodaiji Temple was founded in 759 by Ganji Wajo, a monk from China. Noted on wonder-tips.

5.0a month ago

Great temple complex, not so touristic. Beautiful lotus flowers during the summer. Amazing gardens.

5.05 months ago

Incredibly beautiful environment and great buildings. Although not everything is as old as it seems, it's well maintained and the rebuilds are very well done. Well worth a visit.

5.07 months ago

A quiet and lovely place filled with culture treasures. I don't speak Japanese so my understanding of the culture and historical aspects were limited. There is a really nice park in the back though.

5.04 months ago

Very nice temple with sacred Buddha statues and Bosath statues. No rush like Nara park and Nara city. You can enjoy the environment and worship as you like. 10 mins from the Kintetsu Nishi no kyo station by walk.

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Yes. This temple has many things to talk about.

Yes. This temple has many things to talk about.

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